Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love Mexican Weddings. The ceremonies are to be expected - nice and sweet but the receptions are always...ALWAYS the best part. We danced so much last night and today my entire body hurts. While heading to take a shower this morning it was apparent exactly which muscles were used last night while shakin' it Latin style. All areas of my thighs, booty, lower back and even my abs are pretty much sore today. Oh, and my feet!!! They were throbbing like crazy but it still didn't keep me off the dance floor.

Pictured below are a few shots of the night. You'll notice that my hair gets progressively bigger and more frizzy as the night goes on. A pro of naturally curly hair is being able to be it straight. A con of curly hair that's worn straight is the instant sweat or humidity touches it - it goes POOOOOOOFF!! I knew I should've gone curly!
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Another one of my favorite parts of Hispanic wedding are watching couples dance. All different couples and different styles of dancing the same music. I especially love watching fathers dancing with their daughters.Here you'll find my dear friend, Ruben, dancing to a cumbia with his baby girl, Catalina. *not sure why it darkened when posting to youtube but i'm trying to fix it*

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