Monday, March 2, 2009

Random Today

* Working is flowing well. My boss handed me a pretty good account. Exciting!

* I was craving Hannah's for lunch.
I haven't been there since the menu change. Seriously, missing the old menu. I can't remember now exactly what I miss but something has been missing in my life since she's changed it up. What was it? I cant remember. I felt like having a "sammich" I had the guy read off the options over the phone and two caught my attention. My choices came down to the Rubin or Cuban? I never ever crave either but today I wanted to divert from my usual girlie stuff. I went with the Cuban Press. Yummm. I still have half if anyone is well as their famous crunchy waffle fries and Hannah's sauce! Will someone please tell me what's in that sauce?!

*while driving down the square I thought of Nick A. For some reason I run into him all over Denton. I once saw him a stop light and texted him with "heeeey, I'm watching you." Not creepy at all, huh? LOL He then starts looking around for someone who might be watching him. I laughed so hard because he looked so paranoid. He nicely return texts with "I'm sorry. Who is this?" more laughter continues as I realize that I had just changed my number and he's clueless as to who might be texting him. As I drive by him I honk my horn and wave. I see the light go off in his head when he realizes it was me and he mouths "ooooohhhhh".

*Thinking of Nick A. made me think of another man, we'll call him Barry, who I also that run into often around Denton. He's really sweet but when he gets to chatting you'll seriously stand there for at least 30 minutes. I feel awful but the fact that he doesn't pick up on body language cues that indicate that I need to go just makes the conversation painful and awkward. I hate to admit this but I once had to hide behind a row of books at the University library just to avoid the conversation. I feel awful about admitting that.

*While heading back to the office with my cute little Hannah's take out box I heard 'Wild Thing' on the radio. I was singing to my heart's delight when I noticed the man next to me singing the same song. We both just smiled at each other and continued to singing, except now we were singing to each other, well until the light turned green.

*I bought the cutest blue flowy dress this weekend! I'll have my sister take photos soon. That dress makes me feel sooo pretty! Don't you just love clothes that make you feel that way?

* I heard the coolest thing too. Ok, didn't actually hear it as much as I read it in the book I'm digging through, Lady in Waiting. The author said something so simply profound. The delivery will be messy but essentially she was saying that only Jesus can fully complete. Which is such a duh! moment but how often have we spent time just spinning our wheels in the insanity cycle not believing that? She also then said our help mates aren't there to complete us but to COMPLEMENT us. They're supposed to draw our better qualities and us theirs but not heal the brokenness within us. Healing is business best left for our creator.

*My heart is so happy today. Everyday I can see God's mighty hand guiding and leading me toward his will. I can also see how He's also been protecting me, even from myself, in the realm of relationships.

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