Monday, March 30, 2009

New Shoes!

My sister and I had a sushi date yesterday and afterward we headed to Lewisville for some shopping at the Avenue. I almost fell out of my skin when I heard that there was a sale on some accessories but that's not he best part! I found the cutest! Cutest! CUTEST!! pair of sexy open toed heels for only $20!!! woooohoooo!!!

I've was smitten with my new shoes all day! I even had to bust them out to show my brother yesterday but he wasn't all the interested...go figure!

So, right before heading to bed I put my shoes back on. I just had to say goodnight to wore them while I checked email and brushed my teeth, etc.... Then I got this genius idea and headed to Margarita's bedroom.

I found her brushing her teeth and said "Hey, we just wanted to say goodnight." She comes out of her restroom, raised eyebrow, confused expression and says "wha?". I give her a huge smile and say "My new shoes and I wanted to say goodnight!!" She rolls her eyes, points toward the door and says "Get out. Just get out of here, crazy! You and those damn shoes....Oh, and while you're at it let my dog in. He's in the backyard."

She's so grumpy..... :) but not matter 'cause I got the cutest shoes!!!


Anonymous said...

So do we get to see these fabulous shoes, or will I be forced to use my wonderful imagination??

Marcy said...

You'll get to see them for sure, maybe even tonight!!!! I'll wear them with ANYTHING!!

Margarita Infante said...

Oh,Gosh..the new shoes. You're so funny in your story telling mind. I love it...or what Ren would say..."I LIKE IT"

Rebecca said...

This made me laugh. I refuse to wear high heels. I despise them. They hurt my feet and my back. However, I was imagining if I wore these shoes to school. My students would go CRAZY! They love it when I wear anything that is the lease bit flashy. They went crazy over my fuchsia tights...worn only once...on a day that I was feeling especially sassy!