Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dirty Dancing Revisited

Thanks for the call at work, Margarita, to alert me of this deliciousness. You know exactly what's going to make my heart sing!

Uyen, sadly.... this is for you as we share a love for the DD!

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PS what's up with her hair!?? and the double layer shirt was hysterical!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Super Chica Time!

While at Yogurt Story don't pass up the orange cheesecake combo with mochi or spooned noses!! Good times and apple pie!!
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Coffey - I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

I long for the days when my soul thirsted to sing these words.....

Listening to his CD while I worked and thought that I'd share this with you.

My prayer for this day...Father, I ask you to tighten up my straps and cut out the slack in the areas of my life that I've been unwilling to release. I've forgotten what it's like to run for You. I've forgotten about the chains you've broken for me. I've locked the doors that you've unlocked. Help me sing again.