Friday, March 6, 2009

Davin, this one's for you!

The guys in my office were going nuts about this video yesterday, but because I WORKING I didn't stop to view it along with them. I can still hear them laughing..

Anyhow, I thought you might enjoy what made me smile this morning.

Check it out here

And, seriously, I thought Mita, Britt & D were funny for their little prank stunt they pulled on me last summer. The suckers moved my car while I was still in the 11 am service!!!! I was laughing and joking with someone on our way out to lunch when I stopped dead in my tracks and was like "where's my truck?" I wait a second, then my heart starts to pound, my mind begins to race when I begin looking around and notice that my Rodeo had be moved a few blocks down the street!!! Funnnnnnny!! Really, really....reeeeeeaaallllly funny!


Margarita Infante said...

That clip was soooo sad but very funny!!! Don't ever play a trick like that on me...i don't mess around with money!!! :)

Marcy said...

Girl, you don't even have to tell me you don't play with your money. I live with you remember!? I know...believe me I knnnnoooow.

You'd cut me in a heartbeat then say it was an "accident"! But, remember if you kill me you'll have to deal with Roddey AND his Daddy, 'til RicoLove kicks the bucket!

March 6, 2009 10:12 AM

Margarita Infante said...

Just one little hang nail from Rico, then he'll be kicken the bucket sooner than we thought.

p.s. don't be putting my junk out there like that...:]