Thursday, July 31, 2008

What in the world?!?!

I read this article on Yahoo this morning about a Russian Race. Here's the twist to the's A HIGH HEEL RACE?! Seriously?!?!
I'd kill myself in half a second flat!!
How do they make it look so easy?!
Way to run it Russian Style!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


These photo's inspire me.
My heart quickens when I watch the swimming portion of the Olympics.

When I used to compete in high school. My events were the 100m Butterfly and the 200m IM.

I've increased by swimming routine to 3200m last week. To say that I was pooped is a total understatement!

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The look on his face reads...

"Mom, I hate this stupid haircut!"

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Diamond Back

I should've posted this last week but I've been way busy playing! I have recently acquired a Diamond Back-Sorrento moutain bike!! Sweet, huh?!

My sister just about died when I told her that I was getting a bike because she seems to be under the impression that I'm a bit clumsy. Well, I can't fault her because I've had my moments in history involving bicycles followed by a few months in casts! Ok, so I'm a little bit of a sketchy cyclist!

I've gone out the GreenBelt a few times and have riden around my side of North Denton. I generally try to head out at night when I'm not able to be seen nor laughed at by passersby! haha I'm still a bit awkward on it but I'm getting better. The only parts of my body that seem to suffer at the moment are my palms from all the pressure of leaning forward and my *ahem * "girlie parts". =)

PS if you just so happen to see me laying on the side of the road please be kind and help me!!! Once I'm in the safety of my home then and only then do you have permission to laugh your @#$ off! ok? =)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I laughed so hard ....

After getting home from a looong swim yesterday. I sat on the couch for a bit of a rest. I playfully put an old pair of goggles on my dog, Roddey. The stud just sat there and worn them like he didn't have a care in the world. Naturally, my sister and I set to work on getting some photos.

Check him out! He doesn't even care! I love my kid.
We seriously didn't think we could laugh any harder until (look at the next photo)
Until...we put the goggles on her dog, Parker. He's NOT OK! I had to coax him into to sitting still by rubbing his belly while my sister took these shots!! haha
Oh, the things we do this little guy!
We love you, Parker Poo Poo! (as if he can read!!)

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Monday, July 21, 2008


Congrats Cookie & Jeff!!
You're wedding was a total blast!!
Love you both!
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Yuck! I feel blah! I didn't work out at all last week and I hate like I had no business doing so.

I decided to start my weekend off to a good start so my dear friend, Kendra, joined me for a 6 mile walk down Elm Bottom Circle. I made the grave mistake of not stretching properly after working out and it cost it.. big time!!! I was hobbling along all weekend.

In two weeks I'll head back to the doctor's office for an annual report of my medical progress. I wish I had kicked butt these last 2 months but instead I fell off the wagon...well, I was hanging on the wagon with my bare feet while my head got the mess beat out of it!!

I'll have updates and weight loss/gain progress after that appointment on the 2nd.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm sorry did you say....?

It's 9:19 am. I just placed a call to a possible new dub house. The conversation went something like this.

Receptionist: Good Morning. Thank you for calling ___ ___.
Me: Hi. I need to speak with Jeff, please.
Receptionist: Ummm. Ok? Welllll, he's like currently in a session right now.
Me: Ok.
Receptionist: Would you like to leave him a msg?
Me: Yes. Thank you.
Receptionist: Ok. Oh. Hold on. (She puts me on a hold a few seconds and I'm beginning to wonder why she sounds so confused.) Ok. Your name please?
Me: Marcy Infante with Media Source.
Receptionist: Oh, Ok. (she begins to scribble then I hear a pause...) Umm did you say Marcy from Bombay?

AhaHAHahaha!! I guess Bombay and Infante almost sound alike, don't they? Oh, what a great laugh to help kick off this morning.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Just Happened?

Imagine this: In my left hand are a few raw almonds. In my right hand my little white iPod headphone.

I'm in the process of putting in my headphone in my right ear while also trying to drop a few almonds in my mouth. In the mix match of my brain pattern guess where each ended up?! =) You guessed it! I got a mouth full of headphone!

Thankfully, I didn't get an ear full of almonds. However, just so you know iPod headphone's don't taste like almonds nor are they chewy! I swear!!! Someone kick me already!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Few People I Love

Sara & Renatta

Uyen! We were all gathered to celebrate her birth. I love her!

My delicious sister!

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Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm falling apart! My left knee has been slightly hurting for sometime now. And, just recently both of my shoulders have started pinching during push ups and even swimming. I wonder what I've done to myself.... Looks like I need to see my massage therapist Jenny Windle!

On other news. White Rock is hosting a half and full marathon this December. One of my "to do" items for 2008 was to finish a half! If anyone is interested in doing long and slow walks with me on Saturday mornings please let me know. When I say long I mean about 6 miles. I haven't even walked more than that, that I know of. And, because it's getting so warm out there I'd say we should get started about .....I dunno, like 3 am!!! =)

OH! And Congrats to the Rozell's!!! They're expecting another baby!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Weigh We Were

I can't believe I totally forgot about this site!!! It's called The Weigh We Were (clever, huh?). I got this email notice out of nowhere today and it helped inspire me to keep going.
Check it out:

I feel yucky! I need to get back on a strict program. Keep reminding me that this is a lifestyle not a diet! I'm headed to the pool today after work. BTW: Thanks for the awesome workout Robin! I love you, chica!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

While you were working...

I was at the beach! Corpus had an unusually dark and cloudy weekend and I loved every minute of it!
I love watching people riding.

Although, my Mom is small (standing a full 4'9) she looks exceptionally tiny against the Gulf of Mexico.
After a while I headed off into the ocean. There was something alluring about the way the undertow pulls at your body beckoning you further and further away from shore. It reminded me much of sin. Sin has a way of pulling at your heart strings. Sin also has a way of feeling momentarily good and it feels good to go with the flow. What I mean to say is that I noticed that the less I fought to stand my ground on a certain sand bar the easier it was to be pulled further out....much like sin. It wasn't until I got out to the 3rd or 4th sand bar that the waves started crashing down pretty hard. I'm so thankful that I'm incredibly comfortable in water. I could see how most people would begin to freakout in stormy waters. The waves that helped bring me back to shore reminded of God's grace & mercy. When I pushed against the current and fell into the waves that pushed me forward then I started moving back. I just had to fight in between each wave...
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Napping with Maggie May

Mid afternoon I stuck off to my parents room and decided to take a nap. I found my parent's dog, Maggie May, already in bed.
She became my snuggle buddy.

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Yummy Dessert

While visiting the family this weekend I decided to try something alittle different.
Sugar Free Angel Food Cake
Fresh Blueberries
Fresh Strawberries
Fat Free Cool Whip
Slice, Dice, Spread, Layer and serve!!!

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Pre & Post Work Out

Mostly posting this to remind me of how great it feels post workout.
This is right before heading out for a late night walk.

Here's my post workout picture. Man it feel good once it's all over with. OH, and check out the cool heart rate monitor on my wrist! Thanks, ADAM B!!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catch Up - Random Post

Wow, I can't believe how quickly times flies by! It's already Thursday and I felt like my last post was written yesterday. I'll be more diligent in keeping up this next week.

Saturday's weigh in went well. I'm down another 1.6 lbs! I'm between 5-6lbs away from losing the weight that I gained. Dang, it's so much harder taking it off that it was putting it on!!!

Working out is still going well. It's been so hot lately so most of my cardio is done at the pool or late at night but I haven't been strength training. No good excuse - I'll do it.

Speaking of late nights. I didn't get around to hitting my cardio last night until 9:30pm (we were watching So You Think You Can Dance - love it!). I felt like walking to so I decided that I'd walk to my gym and back, which is about 2.9 miles or 6 miles around trip.

I made it all the way to the gym in under an hour and started heading back home. I guess it might've been just a little bit past 10pm and I get a phone call from my sister. "where are you?!?!" She's such a mom sometimes! As I'm talking to her on the phone I notice MY CAR driving slowly past me. It sorta freaked me out. Well, it was her... she came to get me because she was worried about me walking alone so late at night. Oh, and as she's slowly rollin' past me she whistles and says "Heeeey Big Foxy Momma. You need a ride!?!" ..... gotta love sisters, right? =)

I didn't get in the car. =) I wanted to put in another mile or so, so I asked her to wait for me at a destination that would've put me right around 4 miles. So, she went and waited. As I approached the parking lot where she was waiting for me I noticed that the crazy girl, I call my sister, was rocking out to some old 70's rock song. It was pretty funny! She looked up and saw me but never batted an eye but rather just continued doing her thing. She makes me laugh.

We're headed to visit the family in CC this weekend. It was a last minute decision so we're hoping to surprise everyone. I haven't been home for 4th of July in ages! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures! I miss the way Corpus Christians celebrate Independence. Thousands of people migrate to Ocean Drive (long drive that lines the gulf for miles and miles), where you'll find all sorts of cool vendors, radio stations dj's with lots of loud music, maybe a stage for live music and maybe a parade... I can't remember! I just know that it's typically good times. But there's nothing like watching fireworks over the gulf! I can't wait!

I haven't seen a frog on any of my walk for weeks and weeks. Good day!

I met a lady at the pool a few weeks ago. She's a personal trainer out in Aubrey who's also a cyclist! I'm thinking about buying her million dollar Trek Hybrid. She met up with me out at the GreenBelt and had me try it out. I seriously hadn't been on a bike in like 15 years so I was a bit nervous. I'll have to tell you that story later.

So, adding cycling to my exercise routine might be all kinds of danger and fun! She's trying to get an all level cycling group started. Any takers?

It's amazing that I'd even have the guts to try something new like jogging or cycling.It's been an exciting year to say the very least.

My hyperlink isn't working so click here to see what I'm considering: