Monday, March 30, 2009

New Shoes!

My sister and I had a sushi date yesterday and afterward we headed to Lewisville for some shopping at the Avenue. I almost fell out of my skin when I heard that there was a sale on some accessories but that's not he best part! I found the cutest! Cutest! CUTEST!! pair of sexy open toed heels for only $20!!! woooohoooo!!!

I've was smitten with my new shoes all day! I even had to bust them out to show my brother yesterday but he wasn't all the interested...go figure!

So, right before heading to bed I put my shoes back on. I just had to say goodnight to wore them while I checked email and brushed my teeth, etc.... Then I got this genius idea and headed to Margarita's bedroom.

I found her brushing her teeth and said "Hey, we just wanted to say goodnight." She comes out of her restroom, raised eyebrow, confused expression and says "wha?". I give her a huge smile and say "My new shoes and I wanted to say goodnight!!" She rolls her eyes, points toward the door and says "Get out. Just get out of here, crazy! You and those damn shoes....Oh, and while you're at it let my dog in. He's in the backyard."

She's so grumpy..... :) but not matter 'cause I got the cutest shoes!!!

I neeeeed these!

I'm feeling creative and I want to play with these.
Click here for the recipe.

*photo provided by the little window shoppe - my new favorite place to hang.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Insert generic title here

I've been working on the same report for an entire week now. As of 11:03am I've just finished! Looking for money, scrubbing details and hunting down a person's thought patter or rationale doesn't ....doesn't........doesn't stir my affections for Christ. February is finished but I've just realized that now I need to do the same for January. :( Cheers to all y'all who work well with numbers.

I know I briefly mentioned the end of online dating and I've been thinking of a way to relay my recent experiences. Online dating brings out the worst in me. My sister has seen the fluctuation of my heart first hand and has called me on it. She's completely right too. When I'd normally be really caring and considerate of someones feelings I find myself becoming more inconsiderate and at times down right rude. I've also noticed this sense of entitlement (pride) that causes me to instantly disqualify men who aren't professionals, or tall, or handsome, or who have been previously married or who have children.... the list goes on and on. This "entitlement" also stirs this mess within me that demands that I be treated a certain way (beware the grossness starts here) I'd like for him to initiate everything from initial contact to our first date. I, like all women, desire with all my heart to be pursued. I want him to put forth the effort in wanting to know all aspects of me - essentially to chase down my heart that should be always hidden in Christ (but most of the time isn't).

However, I've noticed a huge trend in online dating and there's something about the anonymity of it all that causes men to be so much more bold in regards to sex. I know that physical attraction does play a large part in an initial impressions but over the last 2 months I've mostly felt like cheap whore. It really hurts my heart when men seem to have good intentions in getting to know me but not a day or two goes by before sexual innuendos are being flung left and right and their true intentions become apparent.

On the flip side I'm not an angel. I've had my runs around the sun and because of it I need to have strict accountability set in place to ensure that I don't cross my boundaries and dishonor God. But, I do have to admit (in the grossness of my heart) that I'm less offended by man's "advances" if I'm attracted to him.... (thanks for that loving heart check, Uyen! gotta love how your true friends point out your blind spots!) ugh! I feel like such a hypocrite! So, I'm perplexed... how do you let a man know you're interested in his advances without causing him or myself to stumble?

I've met some interesting people thus far - widowers, older men, younger, taller, shorter, smaller, bigger, funny, hard hearted, stubborn, with children and without, computer nerds to the self employed, Puerto Rican to German, white men who speak Spanish (hotness!) to Nigerians to who speak french..... Maybe I should meet in the middle and find a Jesus loving, young professional, with a little bit of hipness Cuban mulatto who can call me "mamita"!!!

Ladies, just beware that if I end up dating a Puerto Rican or Cuban man who can speak sweet Spanish nothings in my ear you better be ready to stand guard for 24/7 accountability! And, if he has a single brother you might have to do the same for my sister!! haha!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy Friday Night?

You're officially Invited!
When: March 27th
Where: Denton Campus
What time: 7pm - 9pm

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Currently watching: Nick Chavez Volumize, Style & Re-Vamp 5 piece kit with brush on QVC (i don't even know why!!!)

While watching him Style and Re-Vamp this girl's hair - Margarita and I both stopped in our tracks as we notice him messing with this one girl's hair and (it's NOT looking all that cute) midway I let out a "ahhhhhh"! He was so wrong for messing with her like that on national television!!!

He then makes matters worse when he does this major quaff thing straight across her forehead then separates quaff like a rainbow crown across her head!!! Then he has the nerve to instantly show a before and after picture and Margarita's knee jerk reaction was "ohhhhh, ohhhhh girl!!!! you let yourself look ridiculous BEFORE and AFTER!!"

I nearly died laughing as she was completely right! The girl's before picture was crazy bad with huge frizzy dread headed hair and her after photo was just as bad with 80's wings/early 90's high tower head bangs.

Why? Why?...............

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

11:22 pm

  • Didn't go to grocery store.
  • Didn't work out.
  • Did make a pumpkin pie.
  • Did clean up a bit.
  • Did answer my phone.
  • Didn't take a nap.
  • Did watch Super Size Me - thanks for the suggestion, rather command, Will. My life will never be the same. Contemplating never going out to eat again!
  • Didn't take a nap.
  • Wondering how in the heck I just blew my entire evening?!?!
  • Feeling super guilty about not working out.
  • 11:27 pm - heading to bed, fixin' to pray and read.

Tuesday Stuff

  • Currently listening to the Cupid Shuffle. I feel like dancing. Check out these blues!!!

  • My brain is fried!
  • I need a girlie vacation!
  • My current music selection (Pitbull) has my brain flying off the deep end! :) that's all I'm gonna say about that!
  • Did you know that I started online dating in mid January? ugh! I pulled all my pictures down this weekend. I'm relatively done - stick a fork in me! (more on this topic later)
  • I miss college, dorm life & the easy carefree attitude of a student. I miss late night movies in my pj's with other dormers. I still can't believe how little sleep I needed then!
  • At this very moment I'm completely content with where I am in life. As I mentioned last night at small group... there's this sweetness about not having to worry about babies that need to be fed, homework that needs to be completed & a husband that needs...I dunno - what do they need! haha but either way I'm sooooo happy that tonight I get to go home and do nothing if I feel inclined to do so.
  • I will however go grocery shopping, go to the gym, & clean up a bit.
  • I might go to Lowe's - I feel like playing in some dirt! I might hang out with a friend tonight. I might read a good book. I might go to bed at 7pm. I might have cereal for dinner. I might not answer my phone tonight. I might go to the dog park. I might pray for my girls. I might watch a movie. I might bake something with way to many calories. I might....I dunno. Let's see where He leads me tonight.

Monday, March 23, 2009

No Post Monday

Howdy, Howdy! It's going to be one of those Mondays so I wanted to let y'all know not to expect a 4th quarter picture post today. In the meantime just pray for me anytime you think about checking my blog. Until Tomorrow!

In the meanwhile I leave you with this photo of me doing the twist! I'm still laughing...

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love Mexican Weddings. The ceremonies are to be expected - nice and sweet but the receptions are always...ALWAYS the best part. We danced so much last night and today my entire body hurts. While heading to take a shower this morning it was apparent exactly which muscles were used last night while shakin' it Latin style. All areas of my thighs, booty, lower back and even my abs are pretty much sore today. Oh, and my feet!!! They were throbbing like crazy but it still didn't keep me off the dance floor.

Pictured below are a few shots of the night. You'll notice that my hair gets progressively bigger and more frizzy as the night goes on. A pro of naturally curly hair is being able to be it straight. A con of curly hair that's worn straight is the instant sweat or humidity touches it - it goes POOOOOOOFF!! I knew I should've gone curly!
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Another one of my favorite parts of Hispanic wedding are watching couples dance. All different couples and different styles of dancing the same music. I especially love watching fathers dancing with their daughters.Here you'll find my dear friend, Ruben, dancing to a cumbia with his baby girl, Catalina. *not sure why it darkened when posting to youtube but i'm trying to fix it*

Friday, March 20, 2009

Got Plans?

While at the St. Patrick's party earlier this week a few of us were invited to a swing dance social. We're headed there tonight. It's been a while since I've ....swing danced or is it swung danced? I dunno, you decide for yourself.

If you're interested call, text, email or blog comment!

lessons are from 8-9. Dancing from 9 to midnight. And, after midnight comes the "Soul dancing". *wink wink*

I'll let you know how it goes.

seeeee ya!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wouldn't ever consider thinking nor saying that I come from a family of artists. Even though artistic tendencies flow freely in my family. My father can draw well or at least he used to when he was younger. I once found his old high school sketch pad and stared for hours at the "coolness" in my dad's head. He also sings soooooo well. I love his voice because it's clear, powerful and not quite falsetto but his range is beautiful. He also plays the bass guitar.

David (my brother) plays the guitar. I miss pretending that I wasn't paying attention to him practice when he was learning classical guitar. I used to sit in my room, close my eyes and just listen.... He's also incredibly talented in video mashing or editing (not sure what it's called) but it should be his profession!! Margarita (our little sister) used to play the violin and sings like no other. She also has an eye for digital photography. I know I'll see her art hanging somewhere soon. Lastly, my mom has a way with her hands. She can whip up the most beautiful meals with next to nothing in fridge. And, she can also sew and create things out of nothing when she's inspired. Her other gift is completely shutting us out when she's watching her Mexican Crack TV aka novelas.

My siblings and I have been gifted with some forms of their artistic abilities but the one that seems most profound in all of us is my father's gift for story telling! More than writing I love sharing memories with my friends and family. It makes me smile just thinking about it. During the holidays the Infante household is overwhelmed with great food and loud, loud, loud laughter! I wish y'all could share it with us.

This video is slammin' the blogging world and I thought I'd share with you. It reminds me of my friend, Casey.

St. Patrick's Day!!!

Good times! 
I was really surprised to find that my wardrobe doesn't consist of many green items. 
It was a good excuse to buy a new top! I hope y'all had fun last night. 
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cycling Sucks

Met up with Kourtney Kourtney this morning. I begrudged everything about waking up this morning expect the fact that God gave me another day of life. Thank you, Jesus! I'm not sure how many miles we put in (most likely 3 or so) and the entire time I'm huffin' and puffin' and pushin'! Meanwhile, Legs aka Kourtney, was just la-di-da-ing her way through the entire workout. Toward the end I screamed "are you at least sweating a little bit?????" she looks over her shoulder and sweetly says "Ummm, I'm getting a little hot." I could've beat her had I been able to catch to up.

This seemed appropriate.

3rd Q. Fav. Photos

I know I'm getting a late start in the day in regards to posting. I've been really busy around here and my normal lunch time posting was washed when I realized that it was 1:30 and I hadn't left for lunch yet.

So, here you have it....My fav. pictures from July, August, September of 2007-2008 - FYI I never realized how many pictures generally take in the summer time. I had so many more folders to go but had to stop here.

This is Margarita stifling a really hard laugh at Panera.
Britt Britt outside of Hannah's. I think this is a cool picture.
Aww Kenny C!!! Uyen, this is for you.
Another Panera moment! We have this photo handing in our apartment and each time I pass it I can't help but laugh! Does she look surprised or what?! LOL!
My very own Seattle Tunnel. Peggy says she thinks of me each time she drives through one.
We FINALLY made to Washington! *pictures are out of order*
Pegs, makes me smile....
Loaded and ready to conquer the nation! Denton to Seattle - there we went! I can't even tell you how much I appreciated that we had the same taste in music AND I'm even more appreciative that you can sing, Pegs! The last time I made that trip (Seattle to Texas with ex roomie) ...ugh! the memories...I think i almost vomited in my mouth a little...
Leaving our great state - Texas!! This was right before we hit the 10 miles of manure filled air. I think we gagged the entire way.

A summer time birthday party. Cheramie in the blue and white shirt spun Amber - who's leaning backwards here - and in the middle of it Amber whacked the crap out of Margarita's head with her elbow. Check out Margarita's reaction! I still can't believe I got this on film! I'm almost crying I'm laughing so hard.... oh, goodness!! that was awesome. Seriously, Mama, your facial expression here is priceless x 1000000000000!!!
Britt, Myself and Amber - totally diggin' my tan here. And it doesn't hurt that these ladies are soooo beautiful!! I miss summer love!
Ren....what can I even say?
Roddey, aka Rico Love, aka Roddey Baba, and many others..he doesn't look amused but I think he looks cute in a bow!
I don't remember what Hwa and I were singing but I had a great time doing it!
Awww the Hay-Ho's! He won her over with his wit and charm.
Cookie and Jeff's Wedding!!!
Anytime there's an opportunity to dance you best believe we'll be there!
Another fun picture from that night.
There's a sequence of pictures like which started with just Brent and I, Then Brent, Myself, & Amber, then this one where Rob joined us, then the group got bigger and bigger and more awkward but this makes me smile.
She caught the freakin' bouquet!! I wonder who the lucky guy will be!
Nick! I've known him since he was 3 months old. His first words were "B Ball!!" I still remember it like it was yesterday. He was sitting in his high chair covered in ketchup sucking down tater tots like no other when pointed to his little basketball and said "B Ball". He sorta half winked and laughed at himself. He's precious. He's sweetness!
This photo makes me smile. Totally frame worthy and going in my new office.
I love you, ladies.
Uyen & Colby (her bf) at her birthday party.
Sara & Renatta. I loooove the dress I'm wearing. I need to get it altered as it's ....wait for it..... toooo big for me now!!! What a great problem to have!
A cool scene from my old stompin' group in Corpus Christi
Maggie May and I napping on my parent's bed. I love that lets me use her as a pillow.
Sara, Ren & I dancing to the Cha Cha Slide!

Awww, i love this photo! This was taken shortly after Margarita and Amber fell in the lake while canoeing! I bet it was refreshing because it was hella hot that day!
Thanks for stopping by today and taking a sneak peak into my life.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Girlie Night Continued

Before the night ended we got to talking about yoga. Recently, I started attending a restorative yoga class with Shayla Ryder at Blue Anjou. Shortly after joining I invited Uyen and Angie. Little did I know that Angie was a yoga master! :) Ok, a master in training....

Pictured here: Angie demonstrating Salamba Sarvangasana or aka Supported Shoulderstand
She made it look so effortless!
Pictured here is Cookie trying to replicate Salamba Sarvangasan. It took her a few tries but she got it. Angie's a great teacher however I thinking she would've made an excellent drill sergent! Thanks for the laughs ladies!
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Girlie Night and Celebrations

This week a friend of mine/ours came in from Seattle for a job interview. This is also the same friend that I drove from Texas to Seattle with a few summers ago. Yes, she's "thinking" about coming back!!! wooohoooo!!

I'm telling you, there is just something about Seattle that both quickens the spirit to cling to the Lord and at the same time beats the mess out of you. I loooooooooove Seattle but my usually upbeat personality was certainly tried on a number of occasions. When I first got there I remember the constant cool, rainy, dark gray days and drop of barometric pressure caused me to sleep much more than usual which in turn sorta got me a bit depressed. And, I also clearly remember my brother constantly calling me to make sure I hadn't committed suicide. He's so weird! But I love you, man!

Anyhow, last night a few of us got together to celebrate the fact that our chica, Pegs, was offered a job at UNT. If she knows what's best for her she'll accept that job offer!!!

Here are a few pictures of us at Mr. Chopsticks then later at the Grindle House. Enjoy!
My very own Pega-licious!!
Cookie, Pegs, Me-self, & Angie!
I ordered this soup that was pretty tasty but Angie swears it tasted like coconut milk feet. I disagree it was alright.
Cookie!!! She's so crazy beautiful!
Peggy laughing so hard that she cried!! I may have had a little something to do with these good tears, but I'm not tellin'!!!
Angie, Uyen, Cookie, Pegs, Moi, and Sara!

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks Pegs!! And, be forewarned....Uyen's threat still stands! If you get here and leave again you'll be banned from TEXAS for an entire year!
OK, *smooch* love ya, bye, bye!

Puppy Update


One of the Dr.'s in my sister's department has a son in Dallas who's been looking for a pup. Friday night she handed, mr. bra snatcher, over to his prospective new parents. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it's a good match!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Look At That Face!

You know you want him...
Don't let the teeth fool you. He's totally harmless! Puppy teeth don't hurt at all!!!
This may have been the very expression he gave me this morning.
Evidence that he may be part Chow.

I love this picture down here.
Mmmmmm, puppy paws!!
Puppy belly! He's delicious!!
If only he was a girl...I'd be all over the belly, but his boy parts get in the way. LOL

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