Monday, March 2, 2009

Wearing "THE JEANS"

I wanted to try out this new top with "the jeans". "The Jeans" are THAT pair that are most unforgiving. The pair that say "it's not ok that you downed an entire pizza - even if it was all veggies". This particular pair of jeans aren't so crazy tight that I can't breathe but tight enough that I have to invoke perfect posture or I'll get the dressed muffin top. Before leaving the house this morning I took off these jeans and put a more comfy pair of black slacks. I felt better and less constricted but on the other hand I felt like a total cheater. I'm not masochistic but I think that today I needed to be reminded that it's not ok to have been as out of control as I was last week. So, I wear these jeans to remind that self control needs to be back in full effect. I also wear these jeans to remind me that I'm not feeling so cute today. Don't get me wrong I'm looking FOXY :) but because these jeans aren't as lose as they once were ....soooo I'm not feeling cute as I hoped for.

Maybe I'll go workout during lunch. It'll at least give me an excuse to change!! A good 4-5 hours of waistline torture seem like enough payback. Don't you?

For some reason I can I hear Kourt laughing at me. I don't know why! :)

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