Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Marcy Needs....

1. Go to
2. Including the quotation marks, type in “[Your Name] needs” (in my case, it’s “Marcy needs”)
3. Take the top 10 results and post them.


  1. Marcy needs pills.
  2. Marcy needs a miracle.
  3. Marcy needs advice.
  4. Marcy needs a breather from her own litany of woe.
  5. Marcy needs this Font!
  6. Marcy needs real financial reform.
  7. Marcy needs advertising lists from E. Boards members.
  8. Marcy needs PDA volunteer help.
  9. Marcy needs a more serious name.
  10. Marcy needs to be stopped!!

That was interesting and fun!

Anyone/EVERYONE who has just read this is tagged.
Your answers need to be posted in my comment box! Do it!


Uyen said...

Don't you all love how bossy Marcy can be? hehe Yet, I continue to do what she says b/c I LOVE her SSOOO much! Here you go, friend:
1. Apparently, Uyen needs to come home.
2. Uyen needs HIS permission to delete comments left by other people
3. Uyen needs to get over him... like now!
4. Uyen needs share accommodations
5. Uyen needs a lift
6. Uyen needs to even out her bangs
7. These are the kinds of bikes Uyen needs to get
8. Uyen needs some detail on what's going on with you and life
9. Uyen needs help on cop 8.1
10. Uyen needs some alone time

Will said...

Will needs a lectern with a microphone
Will needs citizens' trust
Will needs be capped
Will needs a haircut
Will needs rebel against him
Will needs your vote
Will needs clear instructions
Will needs two witnesses
Will needs a miracle
Will needs to be there

Dave said...

1. Dave needs a rest.
2. Dave needs a band.
3. Dave needs a timeout.
4. Dave needs to chill.
5. Dave needs a shower.
6. Dave needs a little friendly help.
7. Dave needs Murphy's typical overboard acting.
8. CBS needs Dave a hell of a lot more than Dave needs CBS.
9. Dave needs pants.
10. Dave needs a shave.

Rebecca said...

Holy cow! I can't post what came up with my name. This is a dangerous thing to do!!!

Marcy said...

Rebecca, yours are priiiiiceless!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Sidney needs,
1.Your number
2.directions on and off the court
3. representation of someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind
4. to wake up work
6. to stop reading
7. something upscale
8. treatement to get her life in order
9. a time out
10. to stand between a cornflower blue wall and a television

Margarita Infante said...

Uyen I totally agree, she is soooooo bossy!!! Marce you know I hate doing stuff like this, but to make you happy here you freakin go!!!

1.Margarita needs only a blender and the ability to get the proportions.
2.Margarita needs to be redirected sometimes.
3.Margarita needs to be presented correctly.
4.Margarita needs no sweetening.
5.Margarita needs to include generous (I said generous) portions.
6.Margarita needs comfort.
7.Margarita needs to be given good hiding spots.
8.Margarita needs kind and loving owners in Moscow.
9.Margarita needs to lose that fugly coat she's been dragging about lately.
10.Margarita needs more cowbell, obviously.

I can't believe the things I found under "Margarita Needs" and I can't believe "needs more cowbell" was one of them!!!

Anonymous said...

1.Renatta needs a PET scan
2.Renatta needs something from
the bar
3.Renatta needs to invite some
4.Renatta needs a Valentine
5.Renatta needs an ally
6.Renatta needs a full time foster
7.Renatta needs medical treatment
8.Renatta needs to be asked
9.Renatta needs to run
10.Renatta needs to understand what