Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Post Update

I know I haven't posted in a good while. I've been rather blah! lately. I had a 2.6lbs weight gain before Thanksgiving. I took "control" and withheld way to many points, worked out extra hard and to my surprise I gained weight! So, uncool and totally not fair. Anyhow, during the week of Thanksgiving I did lose 1 lbs. I'm not done yet. I hope to do much better this week.

So, other than weight gain and loss I've been OK.... Working out with Mike is still hardcore. He pushed me way to hard this morning in the gym. I was almost starting to freak out about it too. I seriously thought that if he laid a finger on my shoulders during one my squat holds that I would mostly likely buckle under the pressure and strain - I was THAT tired!

I've cried more in these last couple of days than I've cried in so long. I'm currently going through this program at church called Recovery at the Village and it sucks! sucks! sucks! in a good way.

I'll give more details later. I just can't muster up the energy to do it now. Sorry for the delay in posts. I'll stay on top it and please forgive my lack of enthusiasm right now. I'm working through things.

Thank you for reading and praying.

Monday, November 12, 2007

10% Goal

Victory tastes so sweet - even if it only comes in 10% increments. We (my trainer and I) finally reached our first goal!!! 10% of my starting weight was 37lbs. I missed it last week with a small weight gain of 1.2lbs. That 1.2lbs really took me for a surprise but I wasn't crushed as I was during my first weight gain. Thinking about it now I'm glad for that small weight gain because it continues to put this life transformation in perspective. I needed that small wake up call to step up my game. Soooooo, after our work out on Saturday morning Sir Chadwick (aka the trainer) gently reminded me that if we didnt get goal this week that we'd still have another week to tackle it. I left the gym hopeful that I did well this week. Nutrition was good. Exercise was hard. My hopes were high.

Weight Watchers: I was a bit nervous (can't explain why) but I ran in and was surprised to find that there wasn't a line. So, i checked in, took off my shoes, laid my things on the counter and waited for my invitation to step on the scale. So, the "weigher" (not sure what to call them) says "Hi, Marcy. Flex or Core?" I say "Flex" (FYI those are the weight watcher plan options - I do flex because it's easier for me to count my points) So, I step on the scale. I feel like I'm standing up there for an eternity. She says "sorry there's a problem with our system - it's so slow". NO joke! Anyhow, they've learned by now that I prefer them not to tell me how I've done because I like reading it for myself. I guess she either didn't remember or couldn't contain herself because she says "You've lost 5.8lbs! and you've reached GOAL!" I was elated! Elated to the point that I leaned over, laid my head on the counter, said a quick praise to our Father, and naturally got teary eyed and choked up. That reaction wouldn't be me otherwise, would it?! All that to say...I've not only reached my 37lb goal but I"ve surpassed it by an additional 2lbs! 39lbs total! wooohooo!!! I couldn't wait to tell Sir Chadwick!!

I called everyone! My sister, Donna Burke, my parents, Bianca, Sara, Diane, Britt, Robin, Brian...I couldn't talk fast enough!

So, when I finally got a hold of Mike he asks "So, how did you do at weight watchers?"

I tried to be so cool so I said in the most pathetic and pitiful voice I couldn't muster "oh, i didn't do that well. I gained 8lbs"

He shouts back "NO YOU DIDN'T!!"

I screamed "I KNOW!! WE GOT GOAL! I'VE LOST 39LBS!!!"

He was happy. I was happy. We were happy! I almost burst! I dont think I've ever heard him more exactly and he only said "that's GREAT, Marcy! I'm so proud of you!" I'll take what I can get from the man!

He later said "Oh, and don't ever try to be funny and tell me you gained 8lbs. I was already planning on starting two-a-days!"

Can you imagine? Two-a-days?!?! Are you serious?! I'd rather chew of my big toe than step into the gym more than once a day. Wow, talk about serious motivation to keep myself from going nuts on a pizza or whatever it is that i'm craving! NO THANK YOU!

Anyhow, I'm pumped! Totally pumped! Only 11lbs from 50lbs! I can't believe how great this feels. I've never felt this sort of accomplishment. Never Ever! I have a million things I'd love to post but that'll have to wait.

Thanks again and again for all your prayers, encouragements and compliments!!! I love you all!

Stayed tuned for my next post "Busted Up in a New Pair of Jeans"