Saturday, March 14, 2009

Girlie Night and Celebrations

This week a friend of mine/ours came in from Seattle for a job interview. This is also the same friend that I drove from Texas to Seattle with a few summers ago. Yes, she's "thinking" about coming back!!! wooohoooo!!

I'm telling you, there is just something about Seattle that both quickens the spirit to cling to the Lord and at the same time beats the mess out of you. I loooooooooove Seattle but my usually upbeat personality was certainly tried on a number of occasions. When I first got there I remember the constant cool, rainy, dark gray days and drop of barometric pressure caused me to sleep much more than usual which in turn sorta got me a bit depressed. And, I also clearly remember my brother constantly calling me to make sure I hadn't committed suicide. He's so weird! But I love you, man!

Anyhow, last night a few of us got together to celebrate the fact that our chica, Pegs, was offered a job at UNT. If she knows what's best for her she'll accept that job offer!!!

Here are a few pictures of us at Mr. Chopsticks then later at the Grindle House. Enjoy!
My very own Pega-licious!!
Cookie, Pegs, Me-self, & Angie!
I ordered this soup that was pretty tasty but Angie swears it tasted like coconut milk feet. I disagree it was alright.
Cookie!!! She's so crazy beautiful!
Peggy laughing so hard that she cried!! I may have had a little something to do with these good tears, but I'm not tellin'!!!
Angie, Uyen, Cookie, Pegs, Moi, and Sara!

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks Pegs!! And, be forewarned....Uyen's threat still stands! If you get here and leave again you'll be banned from TEXAS for an entire year!
OK, *smooch* love ya, bye, bye!


Peggy said...

thank you, dear friend, for the blog post. i will tell anyone who reads this comment why i was laugh-crying. marcy decided to faux-striptease to the addams family theme song!

Marcy said...


Rebecca said...

That's just disturbing! But I sure wish I'd been there to see it!!!!