Friday, November 6, 2009

Saturday Mornings

When I'm able to sleep in on Saturday mornings I'm generally greeted by this little guy standing on my head. If I choose to ignore him, he starts to huff and puff!

The second photo was taken by my sweet sweet sister who decided it was time for me to get up and play with her!

Lastly, my little monster... Doesn't he look so bored and semi pissy? It's as if he's thinking "COME ON, woman!!! I gotta peeeeee!!!!" Most certainly revenge is on his mind.
I"m not amused as you can tell.
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Halloween 2009

I actually went out and got a costume this year, courtesy of Torrid! The costume was called "Heidi" but i'm thinking it was a bar maid dealy. This man, who was decked in a King Arthur - Knights of Round Table get up came up to me and asked "So, like what percentage German Bar Maid are you? I responded "Ummmm like .0000001%?"

Picture here is my girl, Nicole (college chica and Sigma Lambda Alpha-er). I"m not exactly sure what she was....Vampire-cholo-rocker? I dunno...she tried. :)
Pictured below Kitty (Debbie) & Myself at a BBW party in Arlington
Adrianna & Myself