Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Sugarlumps and Business Time

Ok, *huge exhale* I've been debating if I should post this on my blog because it's certainly not for the faint of heart or for some of pure and sweet friends. View discretion is highly advised!!

For those who know me closely y'all will not even be surprised to see the following videos. I hope you enjoy them! Kourt, I hoped you waited to view these here and not on youtube!

Thanks to Uyen for affirming the crazy in my head by introducing me to Sugar Lumps. I haven't grown tired of watching this dang video and I watch it at least once a day. How many weeks has it been? HAHA! It's also equally sad that both David and I know all the words to this dang song! I hear that David sings this song to his wife.

This here is Business Time - I have no words but it's awesome! Let me know what you think! The "turning it into a sexy dance" part is my favorite!

To Dance or Not to Dance?

I can already see my sister rolling her eyes because she knows....Ooooooh, does she know that I'm forever and always dancing around our apartment. So, Mama be forewarned... there's gonna be a been a bunch of shaking and moving in the next few weeks. I can't wait!! HAHAHA

Classes start next Thursday night at Blue Anjou in Lewisville. I'm so excited!

Check out this video. I couldn't take my eyes off this woman. Sorta like being hypnotized by a cobra...

P.S. Nicole.... don't even say what you're thinking about saying. Keep it in your head!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

And Kourt's response.....

As I knew she would have something to say about and here's her response to last night's meal.

Kourt writes:

Thank you Jesus that I resisted that cheese! At least looking at the info for Zuppa Tuscana made me a feel a tiny bit better (minus salt!). When I got home last night a friend stopped by and asked me if I wanted to go on a walk. We walked to the square and back and then around TWU for 2 hours…. After that meal I should have walked for 3!!!!!!!!!

My response:

I too felt so guilty for the meal that I headed out my door for a hike around campus (TWU) with my boy in tow. He didn't know what happened to him. We walked in the direction up the hill on Bell and lemme tell you my buns were burning!!! I almost ran over these little student girls that were in my way too! I couldn't stop this moving train! :) Speaking of moving train...As I was passing Stark Hall this cute little freshman guy says "hey, what a cute puppy". I gave him a brief smile but kept on walking full force. However, in my head I was thinking "Hey-hey now. Lemme show you my cute little puppy, papi!" HAHA! But, I was on a mission to burn off those dang sticks!!! When we got home Roddey drank his fill of water and laid at my feet for the rest of the night. That's what I"m talking about! Poor lil guy... his momma beat the mess out of him with a power walk. Atleast, he only woke me up once last night for a potty break.

Was it worth it?

A few of us got together last night for dinner at Olive Garden. While sharing a meal together we often find ourselves picking off of each other's plates as well. Sara, my sharp witty+beautiful girl, ordered 5 cheese Ziti. I tried to be good and got the Zuppa Toscana, but I have to admit the the bread sticks ate my lunch!

At the end of the meal Renatta starts to hand her left over shrimp to Kourtney, I'm handing my soup to Mita and Sara is handing her left over Ziti my way. Actually, all that was left on Sara's plate was this delicious gooey cheesy mess. (P.S. I love cheese) I had a good spoonful of the cheesy mess and set it aside. 5 minutes later more cheese is calling my name so I go in for another spoonful. Yummy!!! It was soft and crispy all at the same time! Burnt cheese!! yeah!

This morning I'm tracking my points when I remembered that I hadn't counted my two bites of Sara's dish AND!!! I just about hit the floor when I saw the nutritional information.

Here's an email that went out to the ladies that were there last night.
Subject: OMG!!!!
looking up nutritional value for last night's dinner.

Sara's Five Cheese Ziti still has my mouth watering


Please click on the link below to see what has left me in a state of OMG'ness!

Sent to: Margarita, Sara, Renatta, Kourtney, Cheramie
Reply from Sara: I really didn’t need that information – thanks…
Reply from Mita: ouch!!! Hurts doesn't it! ;)
Reply from Cheramie: What the HECK!!! The food was sooo good, but worth almost a whole days worth of calories :( Can we pretend it doesn't?!?!
Kourtney hasn't read her email but I'm sure she'll have plenty to say about it!
Renatta is a sweet spirit...she'll most likely just laugh at us. Thanks, Ren.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Post Workout Vlog

There was another preworkout video to go along with this one but it was taking way to long to upload. So, here's the post workout recap.

The Rozell's have ANOTHER BOY!!

I just got wind that Emily and Clay Rozell had their baby last night. Rev's officially a big brother now! I wonder which of the Rozell women will add the first baby girl to the Rozell clan of men.

You can check out photos here on Emily's friend's blog or visit Emily's blog here.

From the Inside Out

If you've never heard this song before I encourage you to pay extra attention to the lyrics.
This is my prayer for today.

Monday, February 23, 2009

100 Truths About Me

Ok, I've been tagged (AGAIN) and in return I'm tagging the following: Mita, Ren, Sara, Uyen, Pegs and Kendra. First 4 ladies post on the ANAYA blog. :) thanks! You better do it too!

[1.]Real Name - yes, I have one....

[2.] Like It? – Yes. It sorta sounds regal.

[3.] Single or Taken? - I don't like this question...I'm single.

[4.] Zodiac Sign - don't do zodiac

[5.] Male or Female? - last I checked I was still female

[6.] Elementary School? – George Evans Elementary - I still can't believe my parents would let me walk to school alone!! G. Evans was and still is located in the CC hood.

[7.] Middle School? – Haas Middle School

[8.] High School – Richard King - GO MUSTANGS!!!!

[10.] Hair color? - I don't want to talk about it! Shut it, Mita!! And, Uyen, stop laughing!

[11.] Eye Color – dark brown

[12.] Hair Length - just a tad below my shoulders

[13.] Current Worry? - ugh! don't even going to go there....

[14.] Weight – 325 lbs
Oh, yeah weekend update: I gained 1.2 lbs last week. It could've been the gummie bears or the pint of ice cream or the incredible amount of sugar I consumed.... I'm an emotional eater and last week was semi emotional but this week I'm getting better and forgetting as each day goes by. I'll be down at least 3 lbs this next week, just wait and see.

[15.] Are You A Health Freak? - Sometimes.

[16.] Height – 5'7 - Pegs, I didn't shrink! You just got taller.

[17.] Do You Have A Crush On Someone? Yes, I do and he gets on my last nerve!

[18.] Do You Like Yourself? - for the most part, yes.

[19.] Any Piercings? - yes.

[20.] Any Tattoos?- nope.

[21.] Righty or Lefty? - righty


[22.] First Surgery? – never have had the need

[23.] First Piercings? - Ears

[24.] First Best Friend- I can't remember....Maybe Jessica Menchaca. I was in kinder when we had our very first sleep over. I remember dancing under the strobe light to some Michael Jackson song. I used to be a moonwalk master...perhaps the cutest chubby moon walker you've ever laid eyes on. hahaha!

[25.] First Award? – I can't remember - i'm sure it was in swimming or maybe good behavior dork award in school.

[26.] First Sport? -gymnastics

[27.] First Pet? – ChaCha - my mom's beloved Pekepoo.

[28.] First Vacation? –I'm sure it was to Merida.

[29.] First Teacher? – My Mom.

[30.] First Crush? –haha!! It 1st grade and it was this little boy named George or was it Sammy? He was a twin (I got them confused) and had one brown eye and one green eye and was so incredibly soft spoken and sweet. He offered to take my books and walk me to the bus when I sprained my ankle doing a hand stand during recess. I wonder what happened to him.

[31.] First big birthday? All my birthdays are done big!

[32.] Orange or Apple Juice? neither really... I wish chocolate milk was an option.

[33.] Rock or Rap? - Probably Rock.

[34.] Country or Screamo? Country

[35.] N'Sync or Backstreet Boys? - New Kids on the Block

[36.] Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? - Aguilera but the non dirty version is best :)

[37.] Night or Day? depends on who I'm with and what I'm doing. Early morning gardening, swimming, working. Late night movies, quiet time, conversations, and reading.

[38.] Sun or Moon? - Early Sun and Dark Moon.

[39.] TV or Internet? - Internet

[40.] PlayStation or Xbox? - i dont know!! Does it matter?

[41.] Kiss or Hug? – it depends on who's sharing the love.

[42.] Iguana or Turtle? - Turtles! I rescued this little (OK, not to little guy) from the middle of the road. The guys in my office still can't understand why I start to hyperventilate when I come across a tiny frog but totally OK with picking this sucker up with my bare hands...I know I'm a hot mess!

[43.] Spider or Bee? - i'm ok with both bugs don't freak me out.

[44.] Fall or spring? - Fall! Although, last spring was pretty wild! Remember this last March?! The perks of house sitting!! I had the unfortunately privilege of have this house all to myself that week!

[45.] Limewire or iTunes? – iTunes.

[46.] Chocolate or Vanilla? - depends on my mood.

[47.] Soccer or Baseball? - =) Baseball booty and soccer player legs...oh wait, sorry! :) I'd rather watch soccer live and I couldn't stomach watching a baseball on TV. But over all I'd stand dripping in rain to watch a Rugby Match. *wink wink* This is Craig Smith. I can't remember which team he plays for but I'm almost certain he's Scottish. He's not exactly cute in this picture but still check out how many men he's draggin behind him!
[48.] Hot or Cold? - I'd rather be cold than hot any day. If it's hot then be forewarned....I better be near a body of water. In other ways - I like my tea iced in the summer and hot in the winter. I'll generally go with anything cold over hot.


[49.] Eating? - ice - the remnants of a Braums Root beer

[50.] Drinking? – water

[51.] I'm about to? –smack my sister

[52.] Listening to? – I AM by Eddy James and my sister retarded version of the song

[53.] Plans for today? – yes. i always have plans.

[54.] Waiting for? - GOD!!!


[55.] Want Kids? - yes. maybe. i dont know!!! most likely yes, but the older i get the less of a possibility that becomes.... I used to want 2-4. I'd love to have all boys.

[56.] When? - When? well, should i ever get married kids might hit the, that's when...

[57.] Marriage? - Yes.

[58.] When? - Really?....seriously?! I hate this question!

[59.] Where Do You Want To Live? – If my sister moves to NYC I'll be headed to Seattle!! :)

[60.] How Many Kids? – 2 or 4. Even though I'd love to have all boys should God bless me with a daughter I'd hope we could keep trying until we had at least 2 would be so sad for a lone daughter to grow up without a sister. I'd die without mine.

[61.] Any Name on the Mind? - oh, this is so sick! Ok, for a girl I love the name Daniella Naomi, I'd call her Danni. And if it's a boy I like the name Matteo, he'd be called Matt. I love the combination of Spanish/English names.

[62.] What Did You Want To Be When You Were Little? – a lawyer.

[63.] What Do You Think You'll Really Be Doing?- haha... I'm doing it! I LOVE my job. However, this is what my heart looks like.

I'm still holding out on Texas Waterbabies.

[64.] Something You Would Never Try? – I try to never say never...God is funny about having us face our "never evers"

[65.] When Do You Want to Die? – I'm not worried about death. When my time is up, it's up. I'll be headed home.


[78.] Drank Bubbles? – sure? I don't know how to answer this...

[79.] Lost Glasses/ Contacts? – No. I don't lose many things.

[80.] Climbed Up A Tree? - Yeah, but then had to scream for my dad to come get me down.

[81.] Broken Someone's Heart? - Unfortunately, yes.

[82.] Had your heart broken? Yes.

[83.] Ran away from home? yes, I was about 3-4 years old. I got mad at my mom because she wouldn't let me sleep with my hair lose. She was a braiding fanatic! So, I pitched a fit and said i wanted to leave and go stay grandma's house. I hardly even know my grandparents and my grandmother used to scare the day lights out of me...she was so grumpy!! I was there for about 5 minutes before I decided that I missed my family. I called my dad and he came and got me. Needless to say my went to bed with braided hair that night.

[84.] Been Arrested? – Nope.

[85.] Liked A Friend As More Than A Friend? yes and I'd rather forget that entire ordeal. Actually had it not been for him I would've never moved 8 hours away from home. So, I guess it all worked out in the end. He and I are still good friends.


[86.] Yourself--Yes

[87.] Miracles? – Yes

[88.] Love at First Sight – I dont think so...maybe lust at first sight. Well, I take that back. I've met some babies that I've loved at first sight but never a man.

[89.] Santa Claus? - who's that?

[92.] God? – Yes!

[93.] Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now? - Yes.

[94.] Do You Like Someone? - Yes, but like I said he gets on my nerves and I'm currently waiting on God. I have a sneaky suspicion I'm going to be waiting for a long time.

[95.] Received/Sent Text Message – yes. I text. The conversation went sorta something like this:
Uyen: The red bean mochi is delicious
Marcy: You don't have to remind me. I should've purchased them all.
Uyen: We can always go back.
Marcy: You're the devil!
Uyen: What? Who? Me? :)

[96.] Received Call - Santiago

[97.] Call Made? – Kourtney

[98.] Comment on Facebook? – Umm. i dunno!

[99.] Missed Call? - Dad. Ok, so it wasn't so much as missed but ignored! ;) I WAS BUSY!!

[100.] Person You Hung out with? – Nicole, Margo, Regina, Chris & Cristela

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pup Party

I know it's going to sound ridiculous but a few friends and I got together on Saturday to celebrate the birth of our two pups, Roddey and Nikki (the furry ones). I haven't had a chance to scan some of their puppy pictures so you'll have to wait for a re post.

Here are a few shots of the night.
Standing: Cristel with Bear & Chocolata
Nicole: In the hot Jim Beam hat with Nikki
Myself: with Parker (sister's dog) and Roddey
The Birthday Pups
Nicole and Margo with Nikki
I love puppies!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Video Blog - Espisode #1

Ok, this is my first attempt with video blogging. Don't hate! ;) And, some comments would be nice too!! Actually, let me rephrase....some nice comments especially from all my smart@#% friends out there. You know exactly who you are.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bra Talk

During lunch I went to Lane Bryant. I've been in need of some new bras both for every day sexy wear and for the gym. Sports bras cause the dreaded uni boob and I was hoping to remedy that with something less unattractive.

So, I ask the sales woman to help fit me for a new bra. She takes my measurements and tells me that I'm a 48 DDD!!! I just stared at her for a second and asked her to kindly remeasure me. She explained the science of bra fitting to me like I was a moron and went to suggest a few bras for me to try on. Now, as women we all know that not all bras are created equal. I've once tried wearing a demi cup and that was "my size" and I promise that thing was like 4 sizes toooooo small because I could hardly keep the girls contained and to top it off - it wasn't exactly an attractive look either. Unless, the hooker look is back in? I dunno maybe in some states.

Here's a picture of a demi cup. You'll notice that there's nothing covering the upper area.... seriously so much can go wrong with all the flesh just hanging out there!

I was also made aware that Lane Bryant is now offering bra extensions. Did you ever hear of such a thing?! These extenders will add anywhere from 2"-4" per bra. You can purchase 3 for $8.00. So, that makes me wonder...If I purchased a 44 or 46 bra would I still wear the same cup? I don't get it because according to the bra science a cup is the difference between the bra line and the fullest part of the breast. Wouldn't that change the cup size some?

Soooooooo, I find a few bras to test my skepticism. One of the bras I tested was a 46C and when I tried it out it fit perfectly around the rib cage but the cup seemed like it was still to large. I called in a new sales lady into my dressing room and ask her to remeasure me. She did and we found that now I was a 48DD. Seriously?!?! I've dropped a cup size (yay!) but I'm standing before her in a 46C. She couldn't give me any answers.... I need answers! I'm so confused.

Thus far this has been my favorite bra for everyday wear but naturally they didn't have my size in the store and I can't exactly wear this bra to the gym because it's way to pretty for sweaty use and once the under wire snaps it becomes a death trap!

The madness of being a woman..... I laugh thinking about my first training bra. It was yellow and had little smurfs on it. haha so embarrassing now that I think about it!

Banter & Dan's Silverleaf

Posted below are a few seconds of Amanda Shires on fiddle and Rod (always forget his last name...) they were playing at Dan's Silver Leaf last night.
What a perfect location!! I got the have two tempura fish taco's at Fuzzy's before heading off to see them perform next door. What a night!! Have I mentioned how much I like those tacos?!

Uyen and bf Colby (above) and Sara, Myself, Ren ....really Ren!?!?!, and Uyen (below)

Before headed off to Fuzzy's or Dan's, Sara and I met up at Banter for a little date. We were talking and having a great time when a college guy came and sat next to us. He made no effort to conceal that he was listening and laughing with our conversation. I noticed that he was meticulously cutting out pieces of a pretty pink shirt so I asked "what are you making?" He said he smiles and proudly says "Oh, I'm making a D*CK for a my friend's birthday tomorrow" Sara and I both busted our laughing. It might have been on the shock of it all but we sat there and listened to him go on and on about how he was going make this penis pillow with all the trimmings for his friend's birthday party. So, odd... but then again we do live in Denton.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Biking Fiasco!

I was supposed to swim Wednesday after work. I also had dinner plans with a friend at 7pm. Kourtney (occasional workout buddy) called and wanted to get together for a ride or walk in our beautiful North Texas sunshine. Plans for my swim were changed for a 4 mile ride out at the Greenbelt.

Can I just tell you how much I don't like cycling? I know that for most triathletes it's the swimming that causes anxiety. In this case my anxiety comes from cycling. Ahhhhh! My first Tri is April 19th in McKinney, TX and I don't think I'm ready for it. The swimming portion will literally take me like 5-10 minutes. And, it's because it's an open water swim I might have to swim on the outside which will increase my meters but will help me get away and ahead of the crowd and also avoid those who don't know better! and the 2 miles will be ok, too. it's just the cycling!

Ok, back to the fiasco. I get home, quickly change, grab my camelbak and try to fill it with water but I couldn't untwist the cap!!! The last time I went for a longer ride I went with a friend and I distinctly remember him filling my camelbak and for me he must've added some extra monkey grip strength to his twist cause I couldn't get the dang thing open!!! I should've known then that this ride wasn't going to go well. So, I was slightly irritated and worried about not having water available. But never mind that and fast forward a bit...

Kourt and I get to the Greenbelt, we're unloading our bikes from the back of my Rodeo but because my upper body was so tired and sore from Tuesday night's strength training I felt like such a wimp when i couldn't lift her bike and get it untangled from mine. Just a mess. OK, so now my bike is finally out of my truck and upside down on the floor before me, I needed to reattach my front tire.

Tire is now in place and ready to go but I can't seem to get the lever down and locked that holds the front tire in place. Again, feeling wimpy and lacking monkey grip strength and reaching exasperation because the sun is about to set in less than an hour and I have to get my cardio in and I still had to get home and sorta change before meeting a friend for dinner. As you might have guessed I was a bit stressed about nothing at all! Well, other than the sun setting...I wouldn't want to be caught out on the Greenbelt after the sunsets. Although, it's beautiful it's a bit shady at night, or so I would imagine. Seriously, any loon could be out there in the woods just waiting to pounce on two unsuspecting females.

We're finally on the trail and have been for about 20-30 minutes when I begin to feel like something is "off". I can't put my finger on it but I know that something is missing. We're headed down a minor hill when I suddenly realize that I FORGOT to attach my breaks!!!! I mean we weren't going super fast but still fast enough that should I have needed my breaks and not had them available I could've been injured. We ended up slowing down and I was able to drag my feet a bit before stopping.

Now, breaks are fixed and we're ready to go again when I hop up on the bike and the pointy part of my anatomically correct bike seat literally stabs me in a place that should NEVER be stabbed.The insanity of it all! When it was all said and done we made it back before the sun totally set and it was an ok workout with the exception that my girly parts hurt so badly today. For those of you who cycle will you please throw me a bone and help me out here!?!? This kinda discomfort can't be normal.

Oh, and to top everything off while getting our bikes adjusted in my car I turned my handle bars a certain way and heard a loud popping noise. I realized that when i jerked the tired around to fit Kourt's bike on top of mine I busted my break line all together! Maybe this is a sign from God???

Here's my torture device loaded in my Rodeo.

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PS my birthday is in October. I'm expecting a bike rack from those of you who love me. That means all y'all! :)

Good News All Around

I couldn't be happier for Jordan and Justin!
They're ENGAGED!!!!
Looks like Justin's "groupie" gets to forever take center stage now.

AND....more great news!
Kim & Beau are having a baby!!!
"Pumpkin" is only 12 weeks old.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Rule!

I got this email from my accountability partner today.
She's so harsh!! But, that's why I love her.

Uyen write:
OK, I'm starting a new rule, new policy if you will.
Since you're not tracking your points, I'm gonna make it hurt.
The 1st day you do not track your points, you owe me $1. The second day in a row you don't track your points, you owe me $2. Third day, $3.
SOOOO, the longer you don't track, the bigger the fine you have to pay.
I'll be expecting payments each Monday at home group.

Where I am today....
It's been a busy couple of days.

I've been feeding my mild misery with sugar. I want something so badly but it's not within God's timing to give it to I continue hoping and praying while He continues to fix my heart.

Lady in Waiting is chapping my hide as is today's Daily Bread sent to me by a friend via email.

We're currently remodeling our office. Lots of noise. Lots of people in and out. Lots of dust. Lots of 80's music happening out there too. I'll be fine as long as I don't hear "We Built this City on Rock n' Roll" I seriously don't like that song.

I'll be getting a new office soon. I'm excited about decorating it but I'm also worried that with this new HUGE building our tight knit working family will be too far apart. I have loved the closeness of us working together these last 3 years.

I'm looking forward to working out tonight. After a minor disagreement Monday afternoon with a "friend" of sorts I didn't feel like working out at all let alone go to small group. However, after pounding the pavement for a good 30-45 minutes my heart both emotionally and physically felt better.

Thinking about creating a video blog to add here but not sure what I should begin with. Any suggestions? P.S. The answer is NO! No, I'm not showing off my African Dance Techniques so don't even ask!! You know who you are!

Today is my little guy's birthday! He's 8 years old! That's a lot of doggie years btw. I'll post pictures of him later.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Post Workout

Chadwick called me around 4pm and asked if I was ready for the routine. He's currently going to resume training remotely. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday's are my strength training days.  The new routine was all that I expected. Full Body conditioning began today starting with a warm up, his infamous stretching, core, chest, back, shoulders, legs and arms. 
I expected to get harassed by the staff upon my arrival and true to form when I walked in one of the guys yells  "MARCELA!!!!! dang, girl it's about time! It's been pretty quiet around here!" It's so nice to be missed. I have to admit that I haven't actually set foot in the gym since mid to late December. Today was a good day to tear some muscles and burn some fat. 
After stretching I tackled 4 sets of 45 second planks/squats. I didn't give myself a break but went from one to the other back to back until it was done. Got my heart rate a up bit but not nearly as high as when I do push ups or chest exercises. I don't know why that is... While beginning my second set of seated rows one of the trainers sees me through the glass and make a B line for me. No mercy. Her first question "where have you been?" After a few minutes of chit chat she heads off to meet with her client. Not shortly after restarting my set I see little Jace Burke walking in with her Mom, Lisa. She didn't notice me at first so I continued pushing myself to finish before stepping out to visit with them. I'm rounding number 9 when I hear a little tap tap on the glass. Jace now staring at me says over her shoulder "Hiiiii!!!! Mommy, I know her!!" I'm trying with all my might to focus but I don't want to rude to little Miss Jace so I smile at her and wink. She's now pressed up to the glass cupping her eyes and saying in a forced whisper "Hiii. Hiii, Miss Marcy. I can see you." She's the cutest little thing ever and quite possibly one of my most enthusiastic swimmers. 
It's now 10:30pm and while wondering how much my life has changed from last year to now I came across this picture from last February 10th. This is me shortly after a workout with Sir Chadwick. He truly enjoyed killing me dead. I vaguely remember this night too, I was so tired that I may have even fallen asleep right there on the living room floor. How's that for a good workout? 
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What's happening....

I'm on my lunch break eating gummi bears (already had lunch). I know, not exactly healthy but I'll make sure to eat only 1 serving, which is 15 little gummies. Oh, how I do love the gummies.

Anyhow, there's been a reoccurring theme in my life as of late. All the pieces haven't come together but I'm starting to get some clarity.

Here are the bits and pieces:
I'm currently truckin' through 2 Corinthians and chapter 4 caught my attention for several hours on Sunday mid morning. This is what got me "
8We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; 9persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed." When we first accepted to follow Christ we would've never known or understood that the journey ahead was going to be one of the most difficult. It's no joke - dying to oneself, and it's no joke waiting on God to move while our hearts bleed and minds grows faint. However, difficult the journey it's amazing that He's still around and calling us to himself despite the grossness of our sins and the faithlessness that we display with our incessant whining.

Sunday night Matt covered an interesting, heart stabbing, spirit stirring message on Membership. Look for it on the podcast here for the week of 2/15.

Monday night in small group we reviewed our Village covenant and again the same message that Matt taught upon Sunday was addressed Monday night. Pursuing holiness is no small deal. Pushing each other toward the maintenance of purity has been an evident struggle that I believe most single young women do well with but it's the pushing each other toward holiness that has been lacking in my life and I'm sure in others as well. I'm talking about exercising the discipline of regular reading, praying and confession. People that are close to me can tell when I'm not reading well because I make bad decisions, I'm grumpy, I'm short, overly sarcastic and insensitive. And, in the last 3 weeks...i've not been well. I've made choices. I've made a mockery of the gospel and jumped the gun over and over again!

Tuesday *today* I found myself on the podcast looking for something to hear and came across Sincere Love by Paul Mathis. Again. And again God is pounding my heart.

On top of it all a 18 year old sweeting recommended and purchased a book for me. It's Lady In Waiting by Jackie Kendall & Debbie Jones. The first chapter has been....well.... painfully soothing.

Ok, i'm outtie. Oh, and I lost gummie bear count....someone please take this bag away from me!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine - Single Style

We had a great time last night.
Hope y'all did too.

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We also spent most of our time soaking in this song. Yet, again my sister found a good one. This song strums my heart strings.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Just a little collage I've made for myself. I hope you enjoy.

Howdy! Howdy!

Another week goes by and I find myself so incredibly content and smilin'.

Before I forget here are the results of this week's weigh in:
Lost: 1.4 lbs
Current Weight: 325.8
To Goal: 20.8 lbs.
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Friday, February 13, 2009


My genius sister found my song for me!!!!!
I don't know how she did it but here is the real song I fell in love with while watching The Secret Life of Bees. NOW I feel like dancin'.

Thanks Mama!!

Here's Breakaway by Irma Thomas

Lyrics | Irma Thomas - Breakaway lyrics

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Alright ?

While watching the Secret Life of Bees last night I fell in love with this song.

I forgot to mention in my last post that I love oldies. Doo wop reminds me of my daddy-o

Enjoy my new favorite song of the day. I just got it off of itunes but thankfully the itunes version is much slower. I swear watching this video was making my heart race. The anxiety! The madness of a such a fast beat! I couldn't even imagine trying to dance along with this video.

Margarita - you'll see what I mean when you watch this video post.

I love....

I love dancing the Cha Cha slide with my girls.....I love sisterly non verbal communication....
One Sunday morning while greeting I spot this delicious young man for my sister. There was just something about him that made me think of her. As he approaches I simply smile and say "mornin' welcome to the village", he passes me, passes my sister and continues walking into the sanctuary. She and I didn't say word one. We just exchanged a "look". Right behind us was standing one of our close friends, Shayne, as soon as "delicious boy" was out of ear shot Shayne points at us through the glass and said "I SAW THAT!! There was A LOT of sisterly non verbal communication going on there!!!!"

I love Fog. Mmmmmm, foggy mornings.

I love living (for the most part) with my sister. She begged me to go get ice cream last night. She said "my body neeeeeds it!" I continued to ignore her as I rolled over on my bed and kept reading. She came back into my room not 5 minutes later.
Baby M: Please!
Me: No. I'm busy. Why don't you go?
Baby M: Nooooooo, you go.
Me: Let's walk there together.
Baby M: Ummmm, no. You still haven't worked out you should go.
Me: ignored her.
Baby M: she's rolling around on my bed from side to side in a pathetic manner saying "Poor, Mita."
Me: ugh! Just go!!
Mita: But you still have your bra on....
Me: *exhausted sigh* Point Taken. She won that battle.

I love with every ounce of my being that I'm a Texan. It's so funny that we're not taught Texas pride but rather just born with it.

I love that my brother passionately hates the Yankees. So, I wear this beautiful pink ball cap in his honor. He'll say "Uhhhh, why do you wear that stupid ball cap? I'm gonna steal it from you". I'll say (while wearing a HUGE smile on my face) "don't be a hater. I wear it cause it's PINK!" Then he'll say "if I bought you another cap in the same color will you throw that one away?" My response "I dunno, maybe."
The jerkface has hidden this particular cap from me on a number of occasions but I always find it because I'm cool like that.
I love where I work.

I love the people I do life with.

Have fun with this last one. I'm about to start my day. Thanks for stopping by.

I love Bon Qui Qui. So crazy funny.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IT'S A BOY!!!!

My brother and gave me the news this morning. Actually, he called yesterday and said they were finding out the sex of the baby and warned that if I didn't answer my phone he was going to call my younger sister and I would miss my turn. Thankfully, I didn't totally miss it. He was merciful and called twice. :)

Woohoo!!! IT'S A BOY!!
I love that little monster and I've never even met him. I can't hardly wait to kiss his face, hands, chubby little legs and baby bottom! I love chubby babies. I love him!

His name will be Daevin Fischer Infante. Pronounced (Day-vin)

There's a good story behind his name and as I thought about it, God brought to mind just far back in my life He began the trail of details to name his son,Daevin.

This is going to be fun. Hold tight and follow the pattern.
In 7th grade I met my best friend, Nancy V. We weren't best friends then but I thought she was the most beautiful girl, with the most beautiful skin in the entire world. Fast forward to 9th grade. Nance and I are besties. She's a basketball player on the freshman JV team. She and I as well as a 6 other people do life so tightly all our 4 years of High School at King.

12th grade. We're all out college shopping. I'm thinking about becoming a nurse. Texas Woman's University is known to have one of the best nursing programs in the nation and I wanted to get far, far away from a high school infatuation. I mentioned my choices to Nance and she says "HeyLyana B is going there too." I'm like "Lyana who?" After Nance gives me some information on her I respond with "oh, isn't she that really unamused-athletic chic I had algebra II with a few years ago?"

Freshman Orientation: Lyana and I get reintroduced and make the 7-8 hour ride together to Denton for our Freshman Orientation after having been accepted at TWU.

Our first semester: She and I become roomies. Living in Stark Hall - 12B 2 (don't even ask me how i remember that!) Our room is pink. =) And, shortly after living together we realize that we have much more in common that initially expected. She's like my sister now.

Our on campus jobs: Lee goes to work for the athletic center - go figure! and I'm working with the Registrar's office.

Our sophomore year: Lee comes in one afternoon and asks if I'd at all be interested in babysitting for one of the mom's in her office. I always loved kids and needed the extra cash to quickly agreed.

I meet the boys: I head over to the Jordening House and meet both Colton and Parker. We had a great time hanging out, wrestling, telling stories, changing diapers, napping, feeding the neighboring horses...

Junior year: Getting into my upper level classes. Still babysitting for Jordening family. My brother graduates high school and I convince him to come move in with me. He agreed. That summer David was so bored. He was totally new in town, didn't have any friends and I'd guess he was semi homesick. On one particular day I asked him if he'd be interested in going with me tobabysit. I was surprised that he said yes.

He meets the boys and it was love at first sight because they had a "real" boy to play with. Parker, who had just started talking, must have misunderstood David's introduction because from then on out I'd hear Parker saying "Hey, Davin, w-w-wanna playwiffff me?"

My brother has now been affectionately called Davin by both of his sisters for some years now. And, all thanks for God we have a new little baby Daevin.

Awwwww, I love him sooooooo

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Perks of Working From Home!

No need to wear shoes. 
It's kinda nice working in my undies! =) sad but true!
Listen to music without the use of headphones.
My pup doesn't have to stay in his crate all day. 
It's so nice and quiet.
I can focus!
and the best part.......NO Interruptions!!!!! 

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Today is a New Day

Despite the mess that I, at times deliberately, cause I'm thankful that my author and finisher is still working.

I had to learn a hard lesson yesterday. Sometimes the end results isn't getting what you want but learning to wait on the Lord for his perfect timing. Learning to trust him and understand that He really does know best.

I feel lighthearted this morning. Renewed. Refreshed. Hopeful.

Weight loss is happening again. My body is once again changing. Clothing is much more comfortable - jeans don't lie, don't they ladies?

Chadwick and I might be sorta getting back together. Not to the same degree. He and I are discussing the possibly of "training" via paper! :) Over the year that we trained he grilled me on form. Always "watch your form, Marcy", "turn your foot in", "drop your seat", "sit up straight", "hold your position", "look up", "look down", and he was always screaming "loooooower!!!" So, now that I know how to do it he's going to take all the knowledge in that body mechanics brain of his and pen it for me. It's exciting. I'm ready to sweat it out.

On another page in my life God is developing and stripping relationships. To do life and run deeply with people is not small task. Vulnerability sucks and it's scary. Asking for forgiveness is humbling and necessary for our spiritual growth as is necessary for the building of genuine relationships. I pray that my potter doesn't grow tired of working with stubborn and unyielding clay. As I also pray that God will go before me strengthening those relationships that are currently working and active and building those that are yet to be known.

Keep praying for fortitude. Pray that I will learn to wait and be patient without jumping the gun without exercising manipulation to get my desired results.

P.S. Romans 7 & 8 busted our chops last night in small group! Check them out when you get a chance.

Monday, February 9, 2009

See that Baby Bump?

My baby niece or nephew is in there! I can hardly stand it.
Still getting over the fact that my brother is going to be a daddy.
As all can imagine the Infante Family (as well as the Thomas Family) are all more than excited to welcome our new addition.

My heart hurts with joy when I remember this passage:

Psalm 139

1 O LORD, you have searched me
and you know me.

2 You know when I sit and when I rise;
you perceive my thoughts from afar.

3 You discern my going out and my lying down;
you are familiar with all my ways.

4 Before a word is on my tongue
you know it completely, O LORD.

5 You hem me in—behind and before;
you have laid your hand upon me.

6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
too lofty for me to attain.

7 Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?

8 If I go up to the heavens, you are there;
if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.

9 If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
if I settle on the far side of the sea,

10 even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast....

13 For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb.

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

15 My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place.
When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,

16 your eyes saw my unformed body.
All the days ordained for me
were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Things

I was tagged with 25 things on Facebook a number of times and decided to share the wealth on my Sweetness blog. So, here goes my 25 Random Things.

1. I love puppy breath! One either loves it or hates it and I loooove it!

2. This picture makes me smile.

3. Some of my favorite movies are: 300, Keeping the Faith, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, Tristan and Isolde, Count of Monte Cristo, 13th Warrior, The Color Purple, Dirty Dancing, Shag (and not it's NOT porn!!), North Shore, and a few others that I can't recall at this time.

4. I gave my mom the 1st book of the Twilight series for Christmas. A few days later I get a phone call from my Dad that went as follows:
Me: Hey Fat Man!
Dad: Hey Punk, Thank you. Thank you VERY MUCH! I've lost 15 lbs!
Me: Oh, yeah? That's great!
Dad: Yeah! Since you gave your mom that dang book she's forgotten to feed me so now I'm staaarving!!
Me: I just laughed at him and told him to be prepared because 3 more books were on the way.

5. My sister makes me laugh like no other! She brings out the best in me. We often find humor in just about anything. A few weeks ago we were talking about all the poodle mixes that are sprouting such GoldenDoodles, Labradoodles, GreatDoodles and my very own RoddeyDoodle. During that same week a guy I was talking to really made me mad and she asked me about him. In response to my reply she says "Forget about him. He's an Assdoodle!!

6. I love blackberries but refuse to eat raspberries because they're hairy. I don't like hairy foods like peaches or raspberries or uncut kiwi.

7. Blackberries remind me Marcus.
One time during church, in Seattle, he was bouncing up and down during worship. His Aunt and my dear friend Annette reaches over and puts her hand on his shoulder and says "Marcus,you need to settle down." He calms down for a second, the music stops and then he shouts "My daddy says that if you eat moose it makes your ding ding grow really big!!" Annette and I almost died right then and there!

8. While in Austin a friend pointed out a most delicious of delicious candles. It's made by Voluspa and its called Saijo Persimmon. Come over to my house and I'll give ya a whiff!

9. I love colors like soft pink and deep red.

10. It's sick, but true I love funny poopie stories.

11. I have naturally curly hair and for the majority of my life I've had comments thrown at me like "wow, your hair is so beautiful! Where did you get it permed?"

12. My best friend, Nancy, is getting married this fall on my birthday. She'll be the first of all my close gf's to get married. All my close best guy friends have all long been married.

13. People often think I'm Polynesian. Even the locals in Hawaii thought I was well...local. :)

14. I have my very own built in binkie! It drives my family crazy that I'm constantly sucking on my bottom lip. I can't explain it and I can't break the habit mostly because I don't care to... it just feels so good!!

15. I can't stand frogs or clowns.

16. When I returned to Texas from Seattle in hopes of starting my own Swim School I got an email from one of my parents. She said that during her son's 2ND birthday party he requested that I be one of his gifts. He cried and cried when his mother told him I was gone. This is the birthday wisher, Kevin.
17. I have always wanted to visit Scotland, France, Italy and Spain.

18. While visiting my mom in the hospital my brother asks "Mom, so when do you think you're going to get out of here?" She says "Ohhhh, ju know, I tink they said at the end of ju-life." David mockingly says "wow, I didn't know I was about to die!"
For some reason her July always sounds like "julife" and instead of saying entrance she says "entrancy". I don't know... can't explain her crazy little self.

19. The first time I ever cried during a movie was when i was 13 or 14 and it was while watching My Girl.

20. After surrendering my life to Jesus, my hometown Pastor decided he would "call me by a new name" so he called to me by my middle name, Naomi. To this day he's the only one who calls me Naomi.

21. My favorite cousin was about 20+ years older than me and suffered from muscular dystrophy. His name was Juan but I nick named him Jauncho. Don't know where that name came from it just came to me. He taught me how to tie my shoes, add and subtract, and instructed me in the art of sarcasm. We also fought like cats and dogs. He passed away while I was living in Seattle. I miss him dearly.

22. I remember so very clearly the very first time I was introduced to my baby sister. While awaiting the arrival of my baby sister David (brother) and I were sitting on the front porch steps when my parents pulled up the drive way. My mom was wearing a white drawstring blouse and she was holding my sister in a tight little bundle. When she bent over to show us our new sister the sun behind her shown so brightly on my sister's little pink face. It was love at first sight. I was 4 years old.

23. I love mint chocolate ANYTHING!!

24. My dad turned 50 this year. He'll also be a grandfather this year too. We decided that instead of calling him granpa or grandaddy he'll be called "Puppy"
25. To this very day I still call my dad when I need prayer for anything from a simple cold to the common heart ache. I love to hear him pray. I hope that God will bless me with a husband who prays as humbly as my father.

Weigh In Update

Here are the latest stats:
I'm down another: 3.2lbs
Current Weight: 327.2
Goal: 22.2 lbs

Yesterday I got a text from Uyen that said "TRACK YOUR POINTS!!!!!!"
I didn't respond. I was busy! :)
She calls at 5pm.
She just laughed and laughed. Then admitted that she's wasn't even calling about me not tracking my food but was glad that I remembered.

I also realized that February 2nd marked the one and half year mark. I can't believe that I'm still fighting for this. Weight loss hasn't moved as quickly as I would've hoped but overall I'm pleased that God is still bending my heart to learn and lean on Him and Him alone. It's been more of a spiritual journey than anything else.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Training Update

I finally got with Shayla (new trainer) last night. It was a group exercise which was different but interesting. Overall, the session went well. We worked on all legs, core and glutes. I feel a bit guilty because I could've worked harder. I mean I did all the exercises as I was asked but I know my body had more to give. I guess that's a perk of working out one on one with Chadwick. He knew my body and he knew how far to push me and because it was a solo training session all his attention was on me. Which in actuality was torture at times!!!

I can still remember being in a push up hold and he'd say "Ok, Marce you're doing good. Just 15 more seconds." THEN he'd say "you're still doing good, give me 5 more seconds" Ugh! Then do you remember the blog when I mentioned being totally maxed out in a push up hold and about to fall into the position when he squatted over me and had the audacity to push down on my back and shoulders while STILL in a push up hold!!! I swear I could've reached out and bit his leg had it been closer. Oddly, enough the irritation of having his hands pushing me only fueled my fire which in turn became 10 more seconds of prideful torture.

So, back to last night. After a few hundred lunges, leg extensions, hamstring whatever...we ended with a delicious little circuit that included these little gems...

try doing 1 set of 25 from bottom to top then directly followed with 25 shallow "pumps". Let me know how your buns are feeling after after!

BOOTY CHALLENGE!!!! are you ready for this. Shayla told me that I had to perform 100 bun clenches every hour on the hour until I reached 1,000!!

Anyone, else in for the challenge with me? Come On! I know at the very least Robin will do it! Won't you girl??!! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009


I love this woman!! God's gifted her with such a quiet and gentle spirit! If only.... here's to you Ren!
Ann....Ann...Ann... Her laugh is contagious. Her heart runs deep. I'm so, so, so stinkin' glad God orchestrated our friendship. Did I mention that she's funny because she's crazy funny and cool!
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Austin Chicas

Uyen & Peggy's (My Seattle Replacement!) haha

Uyen, Pegs & myself
(not my favorite picture but the only one i took this weekend)

Pegs & Amy
(Amy and her husband Josh were our hosts. I love her and I hardly know her... She's (they) are expecting their first baby. It's a girl!!)

I love this picture!!
Special Thanks to Pottery Barn for lending us their lovely displays.
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