Wednesday, March 4, 2009


These photos have one thing in common, they all make me smile. Totally random but I took pictures from my folders from January to March of 2007-2009. These are just a minor sample of all that makes my heart swell. God has been sooooo good!
Pictured Here: Jeff - my brother, Scott, Mike and Brent.
Favorite part of the picture - check out the background!
Cookie and Jeff couldn't make a cuter couple.
Pegs, Myself and Shaynie! I dont even know what we were laughing about here.
Counldn't get this photo to flip but this seriously makes me laugh!!!!
Nick and Chadwick. Love the "ghetto white boys". Wasn't Nick totally Mr. T that night?
Sweet, Sweet women posted here are Ren and Cheramie aka "mimi"
Does Roddey look mad? HAHA! He just got a bath and this is me pulling up his ears for the photo. Bad, bad, bad mommy! It's ok, Rico Love!
Sara's Socks.
My sister was making me laugh so hard here! She was saying "give me a sexy smile" I can't do sexy, sorry mama! YOU'RE SO EMBARASSING but I still love you!
Sara, D and myself last Valentine's Day.
Parker Poo Poo wearing my long hair. This pictures makes me smile and gives me the willies all at the same time!
Ren at Babe's! She's so cute! Check out the poor horse's front leg!
The women I do life with!
Dane!!!! I miss you most of all!!

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Margarita Infante said...

We have some great memories to go with those pictures, GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES!!!