Thursday, March 5, 2009

And then.....

First off my eyeballs hurt. There's something in the air making me feel icky.

Secondly, hater...I mean Davin, I didn't have the guy at Hannah's read me the entire menu. I only had him read me the sandwich portion of the menu. I'm not THAT RUDE!

Thirdly, I don't got the guts to post the non-postable pictures! :) I can't do it!!!

Lastly...although, I do appreciate the love shared through texts, email and facebook regarding this blog it's really not going to kill you comment on here!!! Most of the Sweetness readers are, well, sweeeet! So, comment here or I'll start naming names! :)

Aaaand, thanks to all the lurkers out there to who read on a daily basis. I don't know who you are (I think) but it's cool that somehow you found this place and you're sticking around to read what God is doing in my life. I'd like to hear from you too! Don't be's all good. God actually orchestrated one cool friendship through this blog. A friend of mine, Tracey, introduced her friend Paula to this blog and now Paula and I are old chums. We've been able to share some amazing emails, great conversation and a few good meals.

That reminds me..Paula you gotta call me I found a great soup recipe for you!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok i get it i get........Sorry for some reason it takes a longgg time for me to figure this computer thing out. Luv ya & im SUPER PROUD of you Dyna Girl :)

annefigs said...

come on c what i told you...I chose anonymous what the heck!!!!!!

Peggy said...

I'm going to try not to be totally wounded that in your retro pictures post a couple of posts back there, you

1) said Dana is the "one you miss most of all" and
2) that none of our road trip pics made it in that sketch

Marcy said...

Our road trip pictures didn't happen until August and I only got as far as MARCH!!! patience my white child... our interstate love story will soon be blogged!

Hey, what news about UNT?!?!?!?!