Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This and That....

It's almost lunch time!

I've been crunching numbers all morning. Construction has all of us scrambling for time mostly because our Internet connection continually gets disrupted. If one of us is off then we're all off and right now I'm "off". I don't like being off schedule and finding myself off schedule and is stressful. Give it up, Marcy. Just give it up.

Our entire office switched to MacBooks this past Christmas. The learning curve wasn't as bad as I expected for some of the guys. They picked it up quite easily and we haven't looked back since. Well, I still complain about certain functions that I miss on my PC, especially in relation to Excel. Did you know that I'm an Excel junkie? I organize everything in my life through Excel. I have a problem and I don't even care!

Last week we introduced the office to ichat video! Seriously, we're just offices away and having a 4 way video conference was so amusing to the men I work with. I have to shake my head just remembering....

Hung out with my friend, Dave, on Saturday night. He's a tuba player. I know it's not exactly the hottest of instruments but when he got up on that stage and began to tear it up the crowd went nuts!! They flooded the stage and instantly began dancing! Keep in mind that Dave and I were the only non black people in the lounge and when they initially saw him get up on stage with his tuba the skepticism was apparent. It was cool to see how quickly they were swayed!

Got my bike fixed yesterday. I was supposed to do strength training last night but by the time I rode from my apartment to the gym my legs were so shaky I couldn't imagine tackling squats or the leg press. I'll hit the gym again tonight after work and finish what I never started yesterday.

Meeting with Chadwick tonight for coffee. If anyone wants to interrupt our meeting please feel free!!! I'm sure he'll have a mouth full for me. Actually, Chadwick isn't much of a talker. He just gives me that look, crosses his fingers over his belly and says "So, what's up, Marce?" I'll wait out the silence with a smile for about 5 seconds before I begin to spill the beans.

Reverse trainer day still happens when I hit the 100lbs weight loss mark! can't wait!

This chilly and rainy Texas day has me missing Seattle.

I'm going to try out new recipes these week. Tonight I'm cooking Arroz Con Gandules. I'd never heard of such a thing until I moved to Seattle. God saw it fit to immerse me in the Puerto Rican culture while I was there. All of my close friends and family there are Ricans. It's amazing how similar Puerto Rican food is similar to my mom's style of cooking and she's Mexican. I think the difference between my mom's style of cooking from northern Mexicans is that she grew up on the coast, in Merida Yucatan. In our household we had an endless supply of cilantro, mangoes, black beans, white rice, and chile. Oh, and one of my FAVORITE things about Puerto Rican food is that it's not spicy like Mexican dishes. I get teased endlessly for not liking anything crazy hot, my excuse is that God didn't see fit to give me that particular gene. So, I'm off to call one favorite people in Seattle for her recipe for Arroz Con Gandules.

Fun little fact about Yucatecos (people from my mom's old stomping ground) is that they're all (for the most part) really short with HUGE heads! Unfortunately, I got the big head gene....

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Anonymous said...

you got your bike fixed and you didnt even tell me?!?! that hurts me way down deep. i am going to show up at your house one day soon and say "ok time for a looong boke ride!" be ready.....