Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cycling Sucks

Met up with Kourtney Kourtney this morning. I begrudged everything about waking up this morning expect the fact that God gave me another day of life. Thank you, Jesus! I'm not sure how many miles we put in (most likely 3 or so) and the entire time I'm huffin' and puffin' and pushin'! Meanwhile, Legs aka Kourtney, was just la-di-da-ing her way through the entire workout. Toward the end I screamed "are you at least sweating a little bit?????" she looks over her shoulder and sweetly says "Ummm, I'm getting a little hot." I could've beat her had I been able to catch to up.

This seemed appropriate.


Anonymous said...

You know you love the biking! And at least your area of weakness does not put your life and lungs in danger!

Everyone should know that you rode on the wild side today and did not sport a helmet.

Kourtney "the legs" Nance

Anonymous said...

PS rude man on the street that tried to follow us on our walk last week? He drunk serenaded me on the square this afternoon, then asked me for money.


Kristi Kirkland said...

Marcy I love your blog and i love this post....very funny :)

Marcy said...

Legs, next time you see drunk serenade guy I think you should drop kick him, punch him in the head, take away his guitar, and make him apologize for rude comments in general. Then after he apologizes - you can give him back his guitar but not without giving him the stink eye!

Kristi, thanks man!!! I can't wait to see your blog and get to read what's in your head and heart!