Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3rd Q. Fav. Photos

I know I'm getting a late start in the day in regards to posting. I've been really busy around here and my normal lunch time posting was washed when I realized that it was 1:30 and I hadn't left for lunch yet.

So, here you have it....My fav. pictures from July, August, September of 2007-2008 - FYI I never realized how many pictures generally take in the summer time. I had so many more folders to go but had to stop here.

This is Margarita stifling a really hard laugh at Panera.
Britt Britt outside of Hannah's. I think this is a cool picture.
Aww Kenny C!!! Uyen, this is for you.
Another Panera moment! We have this photo handing in our apartment and each time I pass it I can't help but laugh! Does she look surprised or what?! LOL!
My very own Seattle Tunnel. Peggy says she thinks of me each time she drives through one.
We FINALLY made to Washington! *pictures are out of order*
Pegs, makes me smile....
Loaded and ready to conquer the nation! Denton to Seattle - there we went! I can't even tell you how much I appreciated that we had the same taste in music AND I'm even more appreciative that you can sing, Pegs! The last time I made that trip (Seattle to Texas with ex roomie) ...ugh! the memories...I think i almost vomited in my mouth a little...
Leaving our great state - Texas!! This was right before we hit the 10 miles of manure filled air. I think we gagged the entire way.

A summer time birthday party. Cheramie in the blue and white shirt spun Amber - who's leaning backwards here - and in the middle of it Amber whacked the crap out of Margarita's head with her elbow. Check out Margarita's reaction! I still can't believe I got this on film! I'm almost crying I'm laughing so hard.... oh, goodness!! that was awesome. Seriously, Mama, your facial expression here is priceless x 1000000000000!!!
Britt, Myself and Amber - totally diggin' my tan here. And it doesn't hurt that these ladies are soooo beautiful!! I miss summer love!
Ren....what can I even say?
Roddey, aka Rico Love, aka Roddey Baba, and many others..he doesn't look amused but I think he looks cute in a bow!
I don't remember what Hwa and I were singing but I had a great time doing it!
Awww the Hay-Ho's! He won her over with his wit and charm.
Cookie and Jeff's Wedding!!!
Anytime there's an opportunity to dance you best believe we'll be there!
Another fun picture from that night.
There's a sequence of pictures like which started with just Brent and I, Then Brent, Myself, & Amber, then this one where Rob joined us, then the group got bigger and bigger and more awkward but this makes me smile.
She caught the freakin' bouquet!! I wonder who the lucky guy will be!
Nick! I've known him since he was 3 months old. His first words were "B Ball!!" I still remember it like it was yesterday. He was sitting in his high chair covered in ketchup sucking down tater tots like no other when pointed to his little basketball and said "B Ball". He sorta half winked and laughed at himself. He's precious. He's sweetness!
This photo makes me smile. Totally frame worthy and going in my new office.
I love you, ladies.
Uyen & Colby (her bf) at her birthday party.
Sara & Renatta. I loooove the dress I'm wearing. I need to get it altered as it's ....wait for it..... toooo big for me now!!! What a great problem to have!
A cool scene from my old stompin' group in Corpus Christi
Maggie May and I napping on my parent's bed. I love that lets me use her as a pillow.
Sara, Ren & I dancing to the Cha Cha Slide!

Awww, i love this photo! This was taken shortly after Margarita and Amber fell in the lake while canoeing! I bet it was refreshing because it was hella hot that day!
Thanks for stopping by today and taking a sneak peak into my life.

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