Monday, March 9, 2009

2nd Q. Favorite Pics

Just another random sample of pictures that I like from April, May and June (2007-2009)
Transform 2007. AWOL Group.
I still can't believe how much God did in opening this campus.
Retribution. He was wrapped in B's blanket by Rikki Tai & Mita
Bianca decided he should die...
Little guy in my favorite pink Yankee's hat.
I only wear this hat because a) it's PINK! and b) because it drives my brother banana's with Yankee Dislike.
Cookie's Bach. Party. We needed to dig the cherry out of a whip cream pile. It was so messy and so fun. Only for for you, Cookie!
Awww, I love spring! My cute little patio is pictured here. I can't wait to start tearing up the dirt again! And, on my patio table you'll fine my faaaaavorite flower in the entire world, a hydrangea.
Sisterly Water Love
Watermelon + Swim suits + Texas Sun Kissed skin = summer time!
Sir Chadwick and I at one of Nick and Aaron's Parties
Evan and I. He and I worked out at the same gym for months and months but never spoke to each other. We just went about our business racking weights and pushing hard. It's such a small world sometimes. While at a party one night I was hanging out in the kitchen with a few friends when Evan recognizes me, introduces himself and proceeds to tell me how much he's enjoyed watching me work my tail off in the gym. It was incredibly sweet and completely encouraging to hear that, especially coming from him because he's such a hardcore machine.
David's Graduation party pictured with his girlfriends, Eddy & James!
Nicole, Ruben & I
Man, this was such a long time ago! Ruben is by far the best dance partner EVER! I can't explain it, but he can have me spinning like a top on any dance floor or kitchen!
Jeff, after losing his precious!
Scott & Jeff
Taken at Brent & Scott's going away party. Jeff, kept messing with me that night and while washing a few dishes I noticed Jeff hanging by the window just in front of me. I thought it would be a GREAT idea to spray him with water. I paid for it soon after but it was worth it! I'd do it again in a heartbeat, Grindle!
Brent, Mita & Scott. I miss these guys. Mita you look really short compared to all 6'3 of Scott!
Dirty!!! This is Brent trying to wipe his nasty sweaty face on mine. I'm not OK with other people's sweat, Denny!!
Same party. Pictured with a few of our girls... Britt, D and Melissa.
I love this picture!! Susan G. Komen 5k in Ft. Worth
I'm doing it again this year!
Sara & I at her summer time BBQ
Posted this for Lee. I know how much you love it when I say "Say hello to my belly!" I'm planning a Houston trip this summer - you've been warned!

Aww, little baby pony horse! Anytime I pass him while on my lunch walks he pokes his little nose through those little, what are they called - fence links, grates, who know... I could just eat him he's so cute!


nicole said...

MAN is my face is funky chubby!! That was a fun day though. Oh and don't eat the pony no matter how cute he is....aww I miss my pony!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the fact that Brent is wearing his little village shirt at a party. he was my most dedicated volunteer!!!!!


Margarita Infante said...

That's so true Kourtney, I never notice until

And Marcy, who what of thought our years were eventful . Great memories!!!

Also, one more thing, I agree with Nichol...don’t eat the pony, no bueno.