Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Currently watching: Nick Chavez Volumize, Style & Re-Vamp 5 piece kit with brush on QVC (i don't even know why!!!)

While watching him Style and Re-Vamp this girl's hair - Margarita and I both stopped in our tracks as we notice him messing with this one girl's hair and (it's NOT looking all that cute) midway I let out a "ahhhhhh"! He was so wrong for messing with her like that on national television!!!

He then makes matters worse when he does this major quaff thing straight across her forehead then separates quaff like a rainbow crown across her head!!! Then he has the nerve to instantly show a before and after picture and Margarita's knee jerk reaction was "ohhhhh, ohhhhh girl!!!! you let yourself look ridiculous BEFORE and AFTER!!"

I nearly died laughing as she was completely right! The girl's before picture was crazy bad with huge frizzy dread headed hair and her after photo was just as bad with 80's wings/early 90's high tower head bangs.

Why? Why?...............

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