Friday, March 6, 2009

For the love of skirts!

I'm wearing a skirt today.

The weather is great out.

Legs are beautifully shaved and
lotioned up!

Perfect skirt conditions... check!

Skirts and I have a long history and at times it wasn't pretty.

My Dad is infamous for being the pantie police! He was forever saying "are you wearing shorts under that skirt, Marcy?" I'd roll my eyes and say "yes, dad!" as I'd lift my skirt to my chest to show proof. haha! I know without a doubt I drove that man crrraazzzy! I also remember one particular day when he didn't skirt proof me. :) Haha!!!! I was way up high on a swing, smiling to my hearts content, wind blowing my pony tail when I hear... "MARCY!!!" my legs instantly drop to slow the swing down and I knew...I knew with every inch of my being that I was in trouble. I hadn't any idea what I'd done but I knew I had done something wrong! I hop off the swing and walk over to my Dad. Sorta confused. Sorta half expecting that I did do something wrong. (You see, I wasn't exactly an angel of a child. Go figure!) So, I reach my Dad and he swoops down and swats my butt HARD! Right there in the middle of the park, too!! I was like "WHAT!? what did i do?" He says "WHERE ARE YOUR SHORTS!!!!" I look down and realize that I was indeed wearing a skirt and I was certainly NOT wearing shorts under that skirt! I must've been about 7 or 8 years old. :)

If you ask my Dad "What was Marcy like as a kid?" He'll most likely say "Oh GAWD!" and walk away!


Margarita Infante said...

Oh, soooooo TRUE!!!

I think this by far is my favorite post from you.

The good old days, when i was sweet as can be and you...always getting spanked!!!

Lol…I miss those days!!! ;)

Marcy said...

Whatever!!!!! I was paving the way for both you and David! I broke Mom & Dad down by the time you came along.
Y'all should be thanking me, Jerkfaces!