Thursday, February 26, 2009

Was it worth it?

A few of us got together last night for dinner at Olive Garden. While sharing a meal together we often find ourselves picking off of each other's plates as well. Sara, my sharp witty+beautiful girl, ordered 5 cheese Ziti. I tried to be good and got the Zuppa Toscana, but I have to admit the the bread sticks ate my lunch!

At the end of the meal Renatta starts to hand her left over shrimp to Kourtney, I'm handing my soup to Mita and Sara is handing her left over Ziti my way. Actually, all that was left on Sara's plate was this delicious gooey cheesy mess. (P.S. I love cheese) I had a good spoonful of the cheesy mess and set it aside. 5 minutes later more cheese is calling my name so I go in for another spoonful. Yummy!!! It was soft and crispy all at the same time! Burnt cheese!! yeah!

This morning I'm tracking my points when I remembered that I hadn't counted my two bites of Sara's dish AND!!! I just about hit the floor when I saw the nutritional information.

Here's an email that went out to the ladies that were there last night.
Subject: OMG!!!!
looking up nutritional value for last night's dinner.

Sara's Five Cheese Ziti still has my mouth watering


Please click on the link below to see what has left me in a state of OMG'ness!

Sent to: Margarita, Sara, Renatta, Kourtney, Cheramie
Reply from Sara: I really didn’t need that information – thanks…
Reply from Mita: ouch!!! Hurts doesn't it! ;)
Reply from Cheramie: What the HECK!!! The food was sooo good, but worth almost a whole days worth of calories :( Can we pretend it doesn't?!?!
Kourtney hasn't read her email but I'm sure she'll have plenty to say about it!
Renatta is a sweet spirit...she'll most likely just laugh at us. Thanks, Ren.

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