Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today is a New Day

Despite the mess that I, at times deliberately, cause I'm thankful that my author and finisher is still working.

I had to learn a hard lesson yesterday. Sometimes the end results isn't getting what you want but learning to wait on the Lord for his perfect timing. Learning to trust him and understand that He really does know best.

I feel lighthearted this morning. Renewed. Refreshed. Hopeful.

Weight loss is happening again. My body is once again changing. Clothing is much more comfortable - jeans don't lie, don't they ladies?

Chadwick and I might be sorta getting back together. Not to the same degree. He and I are discussing the possibly of "training" via paper! :) Over the year that we trained he grilled me on form. Always "watch your form, Marcy", "turn your foot in", "drop your seat", "sit up straight", "hold your position", "look up", "look down", and he was always screaming "loooooower!!!" So, now that I know how to do it he's going to take all the knowledge in that body mechanics brain of his and pen it for me. It's exciting. I'm ready to sweat it out.

On another page in my life God is developing and stripping relationships. To do life and run deeply with people is not small task. Vulnerability sucks and it's scary. Asking for forgiveness is humbling and necessary for our spiritual growth as is necessary for the building of genuine relationships. I pray that my potter doesn't grow tired of working with stubborn and unyielding clay. As I also pray that God will go before me strengthening those relationships that are currently working and active and building those that are yet to be known.

Keep praying for fortitude. Pray that I will learn to wait and be patient without jumping the gun without exercising manipulation to get my desired results.

P.S. Romans 7 & 8 busted our chops last night in small group! Check them out when you get a chance.

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The Rozell Family said...

hey marcy!
how are you? I enjoyed looking over your blog this morning. i would still love to hang out sometime, i still cant believe we have never gotten together. we've been talking about it for like a year!

i am doing good, waiting for baby to arrive any day!