Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IT'S A BOY!!!!

My brother and gave me the news this morning. Actually, he called yesterday and said they were finding out the sex of the baby and warned that if I didn't answer my phone he was going to call my younger sister and I would miss my turn. Thankfully, I didn't totally miss it. He was merciful and called twice. :)

Woohoo!!! IT'S A BOY!!
I love that little monster and I've never even met him. I can't hardly wait to kiss his face, hands, chubby little legs and baby bottom! I love chubby babies. I love him!

His name will be Daevin Fischer Infante. Pronounced (Day-vin)

There's a good story behind his name and as I thought about it, God brought to mind just far back in my life He began the trail of details to name his son,Daevin.

This is going to be fun. Hold tight and follow the pattern.
In 7th grade I met my best friend, Nancy V. We weren't best friends then but I thought she was the most beautiful girl, with the most beautiful skin in the entire world. Fast forward to 9th grade. Nance and I are besties. She's a basketball player on the freshman JV team. She and I as well as a 6 other people do life so tightly all our 4 years of High School at King.

12th grade. We're all out college shopping. I'm thinking about becoming a nurse. Texas Woman's University is known to have one of the best nursing programs in the nation and I wanted to get far, far away from a high school infatuation. I mentioned my choices to Nance and she says "HeyLyana B is going there too." I'm like "Lyana who?" After Nance gives me some information on her I respond with "oh, isn't she that really unamused-athletic chic I had algebra II with a few years ago?"

Freshman Orientation: Lyana and I get reintroduced and make the 7-8 hour ride together to Denton for our Freshman Orientation after having been accepted at TWU.

Our first semester: She and I become roomies. Living in Stark Hall - 12B 2 (don't even ask me how i remember that!) Our room is pink. =) And, shortly after living together we realize that we have much more in common that initially expected. She's like my sister now.

Our on campus jobs: Lee goes to work for the athletic center - go figure! and I'm working with the Registrar's office.

Our sophomore year: Lee comes in one afternoon and asks if I'd at all be interested in babysitting for one of the mom's in her office. I always loved kids and needed the extra cash to quickly agreed.

I meet the boys: I head over to the Jordening House and meet both Colton and Parker. We had a great time hanging out, wrestling, telling stories, changing diapers, napping, feeding the neighboring horses...

Junior year: Getting into my upper level classes. Still babysitting for Jordening family. My brother graduates high school and I convince him to come move in with me. He agreed. That summer David was so bored. He was totally new in town, didn't have any friends and I'd guess he was semi homesick. On one particular day I asked him if he'd be interested in going with me tobabysit. I was surprised that he said yes.

He meets the boys and it was love at first sight because they had a "real" boy to play with. Parker, who had just started talking, must have misunderstood David's introduction because from then on out I'd hear Parker saying "Hey, Davin, w-w-wanna playwiffff me?"

My brother has now been affectionately called Davin by both of his sisters for some years now. And, all thanks for God we have a new little baby Daevin.

Awwwww, I love him sooooooo

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