Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Post Workout

Chadwick called me around 4pm and asked if I was ready for the routine. He's currently going to resume training remotely. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday's are my strength training days.  The new routine was all that I expected. Full Body conditioning began today starting with a warm up, his infamous stretching, core, chest, back, shoulders, legs and arms. 
I expected to get harassed by the staff upon my arrival and true to form when I walked in one of the guys yells  "MARCELA!!!!! dang, girl it's about time! It's been pretty quiet around here!" It's so nice to be missed. I have to admit that I haven't actually set foot in the gym since mid to late December. Today was a good day to tear some muscles and burn some fat. 
After stretching I tackled 4 sets of 45 second planks/squats. I didn't give myself a break but went from one to the other back to back until it was done. Got my heart rate a up bit but not nearly as high as when I do push ups or chest exercises. I don't know why that is... While beginning my second set of seated rows one of the trainers sees me through the glass and make a B line for me. No mercy. Her first question "where have you been?" After a few minutes of chit chat she heads off to meet with her client. Not shortly after restarting my set I see little Jace Burke walking in with her Mom, Lisa. She didn't notice me at first so I continued pushing myself to finish before stepping out to visit with them. I'm rounding number 9 when I hear a little tap tap on the glass. Jace now staring at me says over her shoulder "Hiiiii!!!! Mommy, I know her!!" I'm trying with all my might to focus but I don't want to rude to little Miss Jace so I smile at her and wink. She's now pressed up to the glass cupping her eyes and saying in a forced whisper "Hiii. Hiii, Miss Marcy. I can see you." She's the cutest little thing ever and quite possibly one of my most enthusiastic swimmers. 
It's now 10:30pm and while wondering how much my life has changed from last year to now I came across this picture from last February 10th. This is me shortly after a workout with Sir Chadwick. He truly enjoyed killing me dead. I vaguely remember this night too, I was so tired that I may have even fallen asleep right there on the living room floor. How's that for a good workout? 
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