Friday, February 20, 2009

Bra Talk

During lunch I went to Lane Bryant. I've been in need of some new bras both for every day sexy wear and for the gym. Sports bras cause the dreaded uni boob and I was hoping to remedy that with something less unattractive.

So, I ask the sales woman to help fit me for a new bra. She takes my measurements and tells me that I'm a 48 DDD!!! I just stared at her for a second and asked her to kindly remeasure me. She explained the science of bra fitting to me like I was a moron and went to suggest a few bras for me to try on. Now, as women we all know that not all bras are created equal. I've once tried wearing a demi cup and that was "my size" and I promise that thing was like 4 sizes toooooo small because I could hardly keep the girls contained and to top it off - it wasn't exactly an attractive look either. Unless, the hooker look is back in? I dunno maybe in some states.

Here's a picture of a demi cup. You'll notice that there's nothing covering the upper area.... seriously so much can go wrong with all the flesh just hanging out there!

I was also made aware that Lane Bryant is now offering bra extensions. Did you ever hear of such a thing?! These extenders will add anywhere from 2"-4" per bra. You can purchase 3 for $8.00. So, that makes me wonder...If I purchased a 44 or 46 bra would I still wear the same cup? I don't get it because according to the bra science a cup is the difference between the bra line and the fullest part of the breast. Wouldn't that change the cup size some?

Soooooooo, I find a few bras to test my skepticism. One of the bras I tested was a 46C and when I tried it out it fit perfectly around the rib cage but the cup seemed like it was still to large. I called in a new sales lady into my dressing room and ask her to remeasure me. She did and we found that now I was a 48DD. Seriously?!?! I've dropped a cup size (yay!) but I'm standing before her in a 46C. She couldn't give me any answers.... I need answers! I'm so confused.

Thus far this has been my favorite bra for everyday wear but naturally they didn't have my size in the store and I can't exactly wear this bra to the gym because it's way to pretty for sweaty use and once the under wire snaps it becomes a death trap!

The madness of being a woman..... I laugh thinking about my first training bra. It was yellow and had little smurfs on it. haha so embarrassing now that I think about it!


nicole said...

Whoa! MY EYES!! That information just blinded me! All I have to say is SPORT BRAS RULE!! I was totally unaware that there's a "science" to bra sizing and wearing. My plan of attack on my girls is: Pick a bra, if it fits, buy it...done, ca-put, finito...why all the hassle? I'm in control dangit!

Marcy said...

Easy for you to say!! Sports bras don't rule!!! I told you unaboobs aren't a look I'm willing to sport! plus, you work with all men and wear a bullet proof vest that keeps the girls under wraps/protected and we already know that margo wears the boobs in the household anyway! :) I need help! Wanna go girlie shopping with me or will that make you vomit?! muahahaha!!!!

John and Natalee Warren said...

You should try Nordstrom for bras, they are super helpful there. Their bras are expensive but my life was changed when I started buying bras there! good luck!

Marcy said...

Natalee, I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for the info because I've been racking my brain about this "issue" all weekend. Ok, maybe not all weekend... :) but it has been bothering like nobody's business. I'm headed to Nordstrom's this weekend.