Friday, February 20, 2009

Banter & Dan's Silverleaf

Posted below are a few seconds of Amanda Shires on fiddle and Rod (always forget his last name...) they were playing at Dan's Silver Leaf last night.
What a perfect location!! I got the have two tempura fish taco's at Fuzzy's before heading off to see them perform next door. What a night!! Have I mentioned how much I like those tacos?!

Uyen and bf Colby (above) and Sara, Myself, Ren ....really Ren!?!?!, and Uyen (below)

Before headed off to Fuzzy's or Dan's, Sara and I met up at Banter for a little date. We were talking and having a great time when a college guy came and sat next to us. He made no effort to conceal that he was listening and laughing with our conversation. I noticed that he was meticulously cutting out pieces of a pretty pink shirt so I asked "what are you making?" He said he smiles and proudly says "Oh, I'm making a D*CK for a my friend's birthday tomorrow" Sara and I both busted our laughing. It might have been on the shock of it all but we sat there and listened to him go on and on about how he was going make this penis pillow with all the trimmings for his friend's birthday party. So, odd... but then again we do live in Denton.

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Uyen said...

ahhh, these pics are so cute! Can you email them to me??