Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love....

I love dancing the Cha Cha slide with my girls.....I love sisterly non verbal communication....
One Sunday morning while greeting I spot this delicious young man for my sister. There was just something about him that made me think of her. As he approaches I simply smile and say "mornin' welcome to the village", he passes me, passes my sister and continues walking into the sanctuary. She and I didn't say word one. We just exchanged a "look". Right behind us was standing one of our close friends, Shayne, as soon as "delicious boy" was out of ear shot Shayne points at us through the glass and said "I SAW THAT!! There was A LOT of sisterly non verbal communication going on there!!!!"

I love Fog. Mmmmmm, foggy mornings.

I love living (for the most part) with my sister. She begged me to go get ice cream last night. She said "my body neeeeeds it!" I continued to ignore her as I rolled over on my bed and kept reading. She came back into my room not 5 minutes later.
Baby M: Please!
Me: No. I'm busy. Why don't you go?
Baby M: Nooooooo, you go.
Me: Let's walk there together.
Baby M: Ummmm, no. You still haven't worked out you should go.
Me: ignored her.
Baby M: she's rolling around on my bed from side to side in a pathetic manner saying "Poor, Mita."
Me: ugh! Just go!!
Mita: But you still have your bra on....
Me: *exhausted sigh* Point Taken. She won that battle.

I love with every ounce of my being that I'm a Texan. It's so funny that we're not taught Texas pride but rather just born with it.

I love that my brother passionately hates the Yankees. So, I wear this beautiful pink ball cap in his honor. He'll say "Uhhhh, why do you wear that stupid ball cap? I'm gonna steal it from you". I'll say (while wearing a HUGE smile on my face) "don't be a hater. I wear it cause it's PINK!" Then he'll say "if I bought you another cap in the same color will you throw that one away?" My response "I dunno, maybe."
The jerkface has hidden this particular cap from me on a number of occasions but I always find it because I'm cool like that.
I love where I work.

I love the people I do life with.

Have fun with this last one. I'm about to start my day. Thanks for stopping by.

I love Bon Qui Qui. So crazy funny.

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