Thursday, February 19, 2009

Biking Fiasco!

I was supposed to swim Wednesday after work. I also had dinner plans with a friend at 7pm. Kourtney (occasional workout buddy) called and wanted to get together for a ride or walk in our beautiful North Texas sunshine. Plans for my swim were changed for a 4 mile ride out at the Greenbelt.

Can I just tell you how much I don't like cycling? I know that for most triathletes it's the swimming that causes anxiety. In this case my anxiety comes from cycling. Ahhhhh! My first Tri is April 19th in McKinney, TX and I don't think I'm ready for it. The swimming portion will literally take me like 5-10 minutes. And, it's because it's an open water swim I might have to swim on the outside which will increase my meters but will help me get away and ahead of the crowd and also avoid those who don't know better! and the 2 miles will be ok, too. it's just the cycling!

Ok, back to the fiasco. I get home, quickly change, grab my camelbak and try to fill it with water but I couldn't untwist the cap!!! The last time I went for a longer ride I went with a friend and I distinctly remember him filling my camelbak and for me he must've added some extra monkey grip strength to his twist cause I couldn't get the dang thing open!!! I should've known then that this ride wasn't going to go well. So, I was slightly irritated and worried about not having water available. But never mind that and fast forward a bit...

Kourt and I get to the Greenbelt, we're unloading our bikes from the back of my Rodeo but because my upper body was so tired and sore from Tuesday night's strength training I felt like such a wimp when i couldn't lift her bike and get it untangled from mine. Just a mess. OK, so now my bike is finally out of my truck and upside down on the floor before me, I needed to reattach my front tire.

Tire is now in place and ready to go but I can't seem to get the lever down and locked that holds the front tire in place. Again, feeling wimpy and lacking monkey grip strength and reaching exasperation because the sun is about to set in less than an hour and I have to get my cardio in and I still had to get home and sorta change before meeting a friend for dinner. As you might have guessed I was a bit stressed about nothing at all! Well, other than the sun setting...I wouldn't want to be caught out on the Greenbelt after the sunsets. Although, it's beautiful it's a bit shady at night, or so I would imagine. Seriously, any loon could be out there in the woods just waiting to pounce on two unsuspecting females.

We're finally on the trail and have been for about 20-30 minutes when I begin to feel like something is "off". I can't put my finger on it but I know that something is missing. We're headed down a minor hill when I suddenly realize that I FORGOT to attach my breaks!!!! I mean we weren't going super fast but still fast enough that should I have needed my breaks and not had them available I could've been injured. We ended up slowing down and I was able to drag my feet a bit before stopping.

Now, breaks are fixed and we're ready to go again when I hop up on the bike and the pointy part of my anatomically correct bike seat literally stabs me in a place that should NEVER be stabbed.The insanity of it all! When it was all said and done we made it back before the sun totally set and it was an ok workout with the exception that my girly parts hurt so badly today. For those of you who cycle will you please throw me a bone and help me out here!?!? This kinda discomfort can't be normal.

Oh, and to top everything off while getting our bikes adjusted in my car I turned my handle bars a certain way and heard a loud popping noise. I realized that when i jerked the tired around to fit Kourt's bike on top of mine I busted my break line all together! Maybe this is a sign from God???

Here's my torture device loaded in my Rodeo.

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PS my birthday is in October. I'm expecting a bike rack from those of you who love me. That means all y'all! :)

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