Thursday, February 5, 2009

Training Update

I finally got with Shayla (new trainer) last night. It was a group exercise which was different but interesting. Overall, the session went well. We worked on all legs, core and glutes. I feel a bit guilty because I could've worked harder. I mean I did all the exercises as I was asked but I know my body had more to give. I guess that's a perk of working out one on one with Chadwick. He knew my body and he knew how far to push me and because it was a solo training session all his attention was on me. Which in actuality was torture at times!!!

I can still remember being in a push up hold and he'd say "Ok, Marce you're doing good. Just 15 more seconds." THEN he'd say "you're still doing good, give me 5 more seconds" Ugh! Then do you remember the blog when I mentioned being totally maxed out in a push up hold and about to fall into the position when he squatted over me and had the audacity to push down on my back and shoulders while STILL in a push up hold!!! I swear I could've reached out and bit his leg had it been closer. Oddly, enough the irritation of having his hands pushing me only fueled my fire which in turn became 10 more seconds of prideful torture.

So, back to last night. After a few hundred lunges, leg extensions, hamstring whatever...we ended with a delicious little circuit that included these little gems...

try doing 1 set of 25 from bottom to top then directly followed with 25 shallow "pumps". Let me know how your buns are feeling after after!

BOOTY CHALLENGE!!!! are you ready for this. Shayla told me that I had to perform 100 bun clenches every hour on the hour until I reached 1,000!!

Anyone, else in for the challenge with me? Come On! I know at the very least Robin will do it! Won't you girl??!! :)

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