Monday, February 23, 2009

100 Truths About Me

Ok, I've been tagged (AGAIN) and in return I'm tagging the following: Mita, Ren, Sara, Uyen, Pegs and Kendra. First 4 ladies post on the ANAYA blog. :) thanks! You better do it too!

[1.]Real Name - yes, I have one....

[2.] Like It? – Yes. It sorta sounds regal.

[3.] Single or Taken? - I don't like this question...I'm single.

[4.] Zodiac Sign - don't do zodiac

[5.] Male or Female? - last I checked I was still female

[6.] Elementary School? – George Evans Elementary - I still can't believe my parents would let me walk to school alone!! G. Evans was and still is located in the CC hood.

[7.] Middle School? – Haas Middle School

[8.] High School – Richard King - GO MUSTANGS!!!!

[10.] Hair color? - I don't want to talk about it! Shut it, Mita!! And, Uyen, stop laughing!

[11.] Eye Color – dark brown

[12.] Hair Length - just a tad below my shoulders

[13.] Current Worry? - ugh! don't even going to go there....

[14.] Weight – 325 lbs
Oh, yeah weekend update: I gained 1.2 lbs last week. It could've been the gummie bears or the pint of ice cream or the incredible amount of sugar I consumed.... I'm an emotional eater and last week was semi emotional but this week I'm getting better and forgetting as each day goes by. I'll be down at least 3 lbs this next week, just wait and see.

[15.] Are You A Health Freak? - Sometimes.

[16.] Height – 5'7 - Pegs, I didn't shrink! You just got taller.

[17.] Do You Have A Crush On Someone? Yes, I do and he gets on my last nerve!

[18.] Do You Like Yourself? - for the most part, yes.

[19.] Any Piercings? - yes.

[20.] Any Tattoos?- nope.

[21.] Righty or Lefty? - righty


[22.] First Surgery? – never have had the need

[23.] First Piercings? - Ears

[24.] First Best Friend- I can't remember....Maybe Jessica Menchaca. I was in kinder when we had our very first sleep over. I remember dancing under the strobe light to some Michael Jackson song. I used to be a moonwalk master...perhaps the cutest chubby moon walker you've ever laid eyes on. hahaha!

[25.] First Award? – I can't remember - i'm sure it was in swimming or maybe good behavior dork award in school.

[26.] First Sport? -gymnastics

[27.] First Pet? – ChaCha - my mom's beloved Pekepoo.

[28.] First Vacation? –I'm sure it was to Merida.

[29.] First Teacher? – My Mom.

[30.] First Crush? –haha!! It 1st grade and it was this little boy named George or was it Sammy? He was a twin (I got them confused) and had one brown eye and one green eye and was so incredibly soft spoken and sweet. He offered to take my books and walk me to the bus when I sprained my ankle doing a hand stand during recess. I wonder what happened to him.

[31.] First big birthday? All my birthdays are done big!

[32.] Orange or Apple Juice? neither really... I wish chocolate milk was an option.

[33.] Rock or Rap? - Probably Rock.

[34.] Country or Screamo? Country

[35.] N'Sync or Backstreet Boys? - New Kids on the Block

[36.] Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? - Aguilera but the non dirty version is best :)

[37.] Night or Day? depends on who I'm with and what I'm doing. Early morning gardening, swimming, working. Late night movies, quiet time, conversations, and reading.

[38.] Sun or Moon? - Early Sun and Dark Moon.

[39.] TV or Internet? - Internet

[40.] PlayStation or Xbox? - i dont know!! Does it matter?

[41.] Kiss or Hug? – it depends on who's sharing the love.

[42.] Iguana or Turtle? - Turtles! I rescued this little (OK, not to little guy) from the middle of the road. The guys in my office still can't understand why I start to hyperventilate when I come across a tiny frog but totally OK with picking this sucker up with my bare hands...I know I'm a hot mess!

[43.] Spider or Bee? - i'm ok with both bugs don't freak me out.

[44.] Fall or spring? - Fall! Although, last spring was pretty wild! Remember this last March?! The perks of house sitting!! I had the unfortunately privilege of have this house all to myself that week!

[45.] Limewire or iTunes? – iTunes.

[46.] Chocolate or Vanilla? - depends on my mood.

[47.] Soccer or Baseball? - =) Baseball booty and soccer player legs...oh wait, sorry! :) I'd rather watch soccer live and I couldn't stomach watching a baseball on TV. But over all I'd stand dripping in rain to watch a Rugby Match. *wink wink* This is Craig Smith. I can't remember which team he plays for but I'm almost certain he's Scottish. He's not exactly cute in this picture but still check out how many men he's draggin behind him!
[48.] Hot or Cold? - I'd rather be cold than hot any day. If it's hot then be forewarned....I better be near a body of water. In other ways - I like my tea iced in the summer and hot in the winter. I'll generally go with anything cold over hot.


[49.] Eating? - ice - the remnants of a Braums Root beer

[50.] Drinking? – water

[51.] I'm about to? –smack my sister

[52.] Listening to? – I AM by Eddy James and my sister retarded version of the song

[53.] Plans for today? – yes. i always have plans.

[54.] Waiting for? - GOD!!!


[55.] Want Kids? - yes. maybe. i dont know!!! most likely yes, but the older i get the less of a possibility that becomes.... I used to want 2-4. I'd love to have all boys.

[56.] When? - When? well, should i ever get married kids might hit the, that's when...

[57.] Marriage? - Yes.

[58.] When? - Really?....seriously?! I hate this question!

[59.] Where Do You Want To Live? – If my sister moves to NYC I'll be headed to Seattle!! :)

[60.] How Many Kids? – 2 or 4. Even though I'd love to have all boys should God bless me with a daughter I'd hope we could keep trying until we had at least 2 would be so sad for a lone daughter to grow up without a sister. I'd die without mine.

[61.] Any Name on the Mind? - oh, this is so sick! Ok, for a girl I love the name Daniella Naomi, I'd call her Danni. And if it's a boy I like the name Matteo, he'd be called Matt. I love the combination of Spanish/English names.

[62.] What Did You Want To Be When You Were Little? – a lawyer.

[63.] What Do You Think You'll Really Be Doing?- haha... I'm doing it! I LOVE my job. However, this is what my heart looks like.

I'm still holding out on Texas Waterbabies.

[64.] Something You Would Never Try? – I try to never say never...God is funny about having us face our "never evers"

[65.] When Do You Want to Die? – I'm not worried about death. When my time is up, it's up. I'll be headed home.


[78.] Drank Bubbles? – sure? I don't know how to answer this...

[79.] Lost Glasses/ Contacts? – No. I don't lose many things.

[80.] Climbed Up A Tree? - Yeah, but then had to scream for my dad to come get me down.

[81.] Broken Someone's Heart? - Unfortunately, yes.

[82.] Had your heart broken? Yes.

[83.] Ran away from home? yes, I was about 3-4 years old. I got mad at my mom because she wouldn't let me sleep with my hair lose. She was a braiding fanatic! So, I pitched a fit and said i wanted to leave and go stay grandma's house. I hardly even know my grandparents and my grandmother used to scare the day lights out of me...she was so grumpy!! I was there for about 5 minutes before I decided that I missed my family. I called my dad and he came and got me. Needless to say my went to bed with braided hair that night.

[84.] Been Arrested? – Nope.

[85.] Liked A Friend As More Than A Friend? yes and I'd rather forget that entire ordeal. Actually had it not been for him I would've never moved 8 hours away from home. So, I guess it all worked out in the end. He and I are still good friends.


[86.] Yourself--Yes

[87.] Miracles? – Yes

[88.] Love at First Sight – I dont think so...maybe lust at first sight. Well, I take that back. I've met some babies that I've loved at first sight but never a man.

[89.] Santa Claus? - who's that?

[92.] God? – Yes!

[93.] Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now? - Yes.

[94.] Do You Like Someone? - Yes, but like I said he gets on my nerves and I'm currently waiting on God. I have a sneaky suspicion I'm going to be waiting for a long time.

[95.] Received/Sent Text Message – yes. I text. The conversation went sorta something like this:
Uyen: The red bean mochi is delicious
Marcy: You don't have to remind me. I should've purchased them all.
Uyen: We can always go back.
Marcy: You're the devil!
Uyen: What? Who? Me? :)

[96.] Received Call - Santiago

[97.] Call Made? – Kourtney

[98.] Comment on Facebook? – Umm. i dunno!

[99.] Missed Call? - Dad. Ok, so it wasn't so much as missed but ignored! ;) I WAS BUSY!!

[100.] Person You Hung out with? – Nicole, Margo, Regina, Chris & Cristela


Margarita Infante said...

I hate these!!!

Marcy said...

Don't be a hater! Just do it! I posted a picture of your boooooyfriend!! *woowoo*

nicole said...

Very interesting. Margo and I should write a book! I'll buy the first copy.

Marcy said...

I am going to write a book! It's going to be called "Back away from the Assdoodle memoirs of a girl who wasted time on loser men!" Or "She talks! She swims! She roars!!! Infante Sister's sanity survival guide" I'll be sure to get you the first copy.