Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Things

I was tagged with 25 things on Facebook a number of times and decided to share the wealth on my Sweetness blog. So, here goes my 25 Random Things.

1. I love puppy breath! One either loves it or hates it and I loooove it!

2. This picture makes me smile.

3. Some of my favorite movies are: 300, Keeping the Faith, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, Tristan and Isolde, Count of Monte Cristo, 13th Warrior, The Color Purple, Dirty Dancing, Shag (and not it's NOT porn!!), North Shore, and a few others that I can't recall at this time.

4. I gave my mom the 1st book of the Twilight series for Christmas. A few days later I get a phone call from my Dad that went as follows:
Me: Hey Fat Man!
Dad: Hey Punk, Thank you. Thank you VERY MUCH! I've lost 15 lbs!
Me: Oh, yeah? That's great!
Dad: Yeah! Since you gave your mom that dang book she's forgotten to feed me so now I'm staaarving!!
Me: I just laughed at him and told him to be prepared because 3 more books were on the way.

5. My sister makes me laugh like no other! She brings out the best in me. We often find humor in just about anything. A few weeks ago we were talking about all the poodle mixes that are sprouting such GoldenDoodles, Labradoodles, GreatDoodles and my very own RoddeyDoodle. During that same week a guy I was talking to really made me mad and she asked me about him. In response to my reply she says "Forget about him. He's an Assdoodle!!

6. I love blackberries but refuse to eat raspberries because they're hairy. I don't like hairy foods like peaches or raspberries or uncut kiwi.

7. Blackberries remind me Marcus.
One time during church, in Seattle, he was bouncing up and down during worship. His Aunt and my dear friend Annette reaches over and puts her hand on his shoulder and says "Marcus,you need to settle down." He calms down for a second, the music stops and then he shouts "My daddy says that if you eat moose it makes your ding ding grow really big!!" Annette and I almost died right then and there!

8. While in Austin a friend pointed out a most delicious of delicious candles. It's made by Voluspa and its called Saijo Persimmon. Come over to my house and I'll give ya a whiff!

9. I love colors like soft pink and deep red.

10. It's sick, but true I love funny poopie stories.

11. I have naturally curly hair and for the majority of my life I've had comments thrown at me like "wow, your hair is so beautiful! Where did you get it permed?"

12. My best friend, Nancy, is getting married this fall on my birthday. She'll be the first of all my close gf's to get married. All my close best guy friends have all long been married.

13. People often think I'm Polynesian. Even the locals in Hawaii thought I was well...local. :)

14. I have my very own built in binkie! It drives my family crazy that I'm constantly sucking on my bottom lip. I can't explain it and I can't break the habit mostly because I don't care to... it just feels so good!!

15. I can't stand frogs or clowns.

16. When I returned to Texas from Seattle in hopes of starting my own Swim School I got an email from one of my parents. She said that during her son's 2ND birthday party he requested that I be one of his gifts. He cried and cried when his mother told him I was gone. This is the birthday wisher, Kevin.
17. I have always wanted to visit Scotland, France, Italy and Spain.

18. While visiting my mom in the hospital my brother asks "Mom, so when do you think you're going to get out of here?" She says "Ohhhh, ju know, I tink they said at the end of ju-life." David mockingly says "wow, I didn't know I was about to die!"
For some reason her July always sounds like "julife" and instead of saying entrance she says "entrancy". I don't know... can't explain her crazy little self.

19. The first time I ever cried during a movie was when i was 13 or 14 and it was while watching My Girl.

20. After surrendering my life to Jesus, my hometown Pastor decided he would "call me by a new name" so he called to me by my middle name, Naomi. To this day he's the only one who calls me Naomi.

21. My favorite cousin was about 20+ years older than me and suffered from muscular dystrophy. His name was Juan but I nick named him Jauncho. Don't know where that name came from it just came to me. He taught me how to tie my shoes, add and subtract, and instructed me in the art of sarcasm. We also fought like cats and dogs. He passed away while I was living in Seattle. I miss him dearly.

22. I remember so very clearly the very first time I was introduced to my baby sister. While awaiting the arrival of my baby sister David (brother) and I were sitting on the front porch steps when my parents pulled up the drive way. My mom was wearing a white drawstring blouse and she was holding my sister in a tight little bundle. When she bent over to show us our new sister the sun behind her shown so brightly on my sister's little pink face. It was love at first sight. I was 4 years old.

23. I love mint chocolate ANYTHING!!

24. My dad turned 50 this year. He'll also be a grandfather this year too. We decided that instead of calling him granpa or grandaddy he'll be called "Puppy"
25. To this very day I still call my dad when I need prayer for anything from a simple cold to the common heart ache. I love to hear him pray. I hope that God will bless me with a husband who prays as humbly as my father.

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