Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Post Workout Vlog

There was another preworkout video to go along with this one but it was taking way to long to upload. So, here's the post workout recap.


nicole said...

GOOD job on loosing those spectacles! AND BAD BAD Marcy for doing all those planks then going off to OLIVE GARDEN!!??? What the.....? I'm suffering over here! I haven't had a good beer in FOREVER!! And you get to eat some form of a yeasty product...AHHHH! I'm eating a salad right now...and pretending it's a BEER!

Marcy said...

You soooo crazy! I was thinking about you while in bed last night, and NO it wasn't that kinda sexy thinkin'!!, but was wondering....If you were a beer what kinda beer would you be? If I was a beer what kinda beer would I be? Import? domestic? Texas Local? And, please don't say full bodied blah blah blah...I wanna be light and airy! haha !!!