Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wishing I was elsewhere

I so badly want to be outside!

Mid morning I took a brief break and decided to step outside for a bit, it was also a great time to take Dirk (the new office puppy) out for post nap potty. While waiting for Dirk I decided to sit on the beautiful and lush grass. It’s so nice working out in the country. The sun seemed to be shining just perfectly. After sitting, I stretched my legs straight out in front of me and leaned back on my hands. The wind was cool without being chilly and the sunshine was absolutely perfect! Relaxing a bit, I leaned my head back I drank in the sunshine. It was so nice to just be. At the very moment I wasn’t anyone in particular. I wasn’t Marcy on a mission to lose weight, I wasn’t a friend, or a sister, or a daughter, or a home group leader, or a “professional”. I was just a girl sitting before her creator. Words were nonexistent in that moment. Prayers ceased and worship began.

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