Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Skinny Day

Every once in a looooong while we're blessed to wake up to one those RARE mornings when we feel like we’ve lost weight. Today was one of those mornings! Thank you, Jesus!

NOTE: to my sensitive and visual readers …… you might want to stop reading here. Spare yourselves! You've been warned.
Ok, so now I should be left with my hardcore/guts of steel readers.
Hello to y’all!
So, back to this morning! I was standing in front of the mirror staring at every square inch of my glorious naked body.......ROFL just teasing!! I’ve been dying to write that for sometime now!!! For your/my peace of mind just know that I WASN’T NAKED! A top and bottom were in full effect – ok you can breathe now! Ok, back to my glorious changing body. As I was checking myself out I noticed that I AM CHANGING!. My back is looking different – less lovely ladies humps are visible, my hips, my arms, my sides, my legs, my neck it’s all slowly but surely changing and melting. There was certainly less of me there! Most of the time I can’t hardly see any change but today God allowed me little glimpse to the difference and I was thankful for it.

So, after a few seconds of checking myself out I point at the mirror with two pointed finger pistols & an award winning super chica wink and say “Check you out, Foxy Lady!!” As my farewell exit to myself I put a finger to my tongue then back down to my back side for a mock sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzle sound effect!

I left my reflection with a smile!

Thanks for reading!

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