Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Blah Post!

I haven't been able to workout since our 5K on Saturday. I'm having "issues" with my body right now. Lack of exercise, not knowing where I am in relation to weight loss, and trying to make better food choices are leaving me a bit irritable, moody and emotional!

I should also venture to say that not spending quality time in the in Word and in prayer are also taking their toll on my over all well being. Yesterday I had moment of verbal vomit. I texted a friend and asked for forgiveness only to open my Bible to James 3 and get hit right between the eyes. Check it out and laugh.

These are odd days. So many of the people that I love and respect are hurting. Please, pray.

While on the Village Podcast today I heard a great msg by Ben Stuart called On the Shore. Check it out.


Uyen said...

James 3 - W.O.W. I needed to read that too.

Robin said...

Hey, I'll be praying for you. And give me a call (actually I'll call you right now) if you wanna go walking or something.

melissa said...

did i ever tell you that ben was my youth pastor in jr high and part of high school! i've known him since i was in 7th grade!

The Rozell Family said...

hey marcy!
i know i said i could hang out wed night but we will be in California camping in the redwoods! But.... when i get back, WE ARE HANGING OUT! We keep putting this off!: