Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That's more like it!

Just got back from Eureka Park. My sister and I put in a little under an hour of cardio tonight. Thank God we only ran across one frog. Minor freakout on my part.

Jogged for a short time too. I have to give God all glory that tonight's jog was nice. I noticed that my body is adjusting to jogging. I can go much longer now before my body starts to freak out and my lungs start to hurt. I'm really proud of myself!

During our walk we were spooked by something in the bushes and our natural reaction caused us to take off running. A few feet into running I start laughing uncontrollably and have a hard time keeping up with my sister. I still can't believe she left me behind. Who knew her little legs could carry her so far and so fast! Anyhow, I laughed the entire time I lagged behind her. I coudln't help it! :)

Currently watching 300 - AGAIN! Gotta go, The Spartans are on the move. Will someone please get me a poster of Gerard Butler as King Leonidas?! I need it, it's great motivation!!


The Mays Family said...

Well done on getting out there and exercising. I know it is hard, keep up the good work.

ToniKakes said...

Hi Marcy!
Love your blog!!! Keep up all your good work!!
God has got his arms wrapped tightly around you.
love ya,

John and Natalee Warren said...

Way to go girl! Maybe we should just secretly put a bunch of frogs out to give you girls some easy motivation! ;-) ha! ( I don't think you need it though)

John and Natalee Warren said...

I just re-read your previous comment might make more sense if you knew that when I read the blog ( clearly not very well) I thought that the frogs made you go runing fast...oops- I was confused! ;-)