Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I didn't....

workout yesterday. I'd normally confess this to Sir Chadwick but today I'm confessing to y'all. I had every opportunity to hit the gym too!

I left the office and started toward North Lakes then decided that I'd go home and eat dinner(because I was hungry!!) then after dinner walk to Church. Well, I guess I wasn't all that hungry because I got home & noticed that my brother was there so we chilled for a while, he left, I sat around talking with my sister, watched a little King of Queens and still no food went into my belly. Finally, 15 minutes till I had to leave I scarf down a chicken breast, mixed greens, garbanzo beans and few balsamic vinegar spritzes. Again, I had every intention of walking to church for Recovery at the Village but that too failed because I thought "it's kinda chilly" and I didn't want to run late.... :) THEN I said "Surely! after Recovery I'll go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood...well, that too failed when I went to watch a late movie instead.

BUT!!!! I did walk really fast from the car to the ticket stand! Does that count for anything?

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