Friday, April 25, 2008

Just 5 More Seconds...

When I met her at her house she asked how much time I had & how far I planned on walking. After I gave her that information she said “ok, I have a good idea of how this is going to work.” Little did I know… she meant business! It was like looking at a little female version of Sir Chadwick. It was incredible to see such drive in such a young person.

The plan was pretty simple. We’d warm up, jog for 30 seconds, rest 1-2 minutes, jog for 40 seconds, rest, jog another 45, rest, and continue to increase in 5 second increments. Nice, huh?! She’s a stickler for rules so she jogged with her iPod timer held a ½ arm’s length away from her body the entire time we jogged. She was really good at letting me know we were almost done. I LOVED when I’d hear “Ok, you’re half way there. Keep going. 10 more seconds!”

Jogging went well. I don’t think I did too badly. Around 50 seconds my legs began to feel like steel. Almost as if I had 50 lb bags tied to my ankles. During the last 5 seconds of the 50 second jog, Caitlyn completely surprised me!!! She was jogging next to me the entire time but suddenly must’ve noticed that I was struggling because she immediately perked up and almost started to yell (haha!) “COME ON, MARCY! YOU GOT THIS! 5 MORE SECONDS! COME ON! YOU’VE GOT IT!” I never knew she had it in her! :)

We finished and finished well.

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Robin said...

Awesome! You know I love this post :) Jogging is huge. You know it!