Monday, April 21, 2008


last night my sister and I went for a walk out at NorthLakes. All was well until we began to reach our turn around point. I knew! I just knew that that little bump in the sidewalk was a frog. I can't tell you how I knew from afar because I coudln't really see it but my instincts were correct! As we approached "the bump" I could see it's little bitty eyes staring at me! EWWW! it gives me the heebie geebies just thinking about it!!

Well, as I danced past it I was surprised by another frog on my right. I walked faster past that one only to find another one hopping past me just a few feet in front! They were EVERYWHERE!!! I was hysterical by this point screaming and jumping around like a dumb little girl! I don't even know how many were out there but one is more than enough for my sanity. I even accidental scratched my sister in the process. (Sorry, Mita!!)

I don't process well in a panic. Instead of retreating and heading back to the safety of my parked car I continued walking!! Only to later realize once we reached our turn around point that I had to RE-WALK through the butt load of FROGS!!! I was NOT OK! My sister was trying to talk some sense into me but I could hardly hear her rational ideas because she was laughig so hard! We decided the best way to get through the death trap would be just to jog through them because this girl wasn't going to be just walking! I didn't even give her a heads up before I started down the path. I picked up pace and started RUNNING!! Midway through the ordeal I'd started screaming as they (the damn frogs) started jumping toward me. I'm still traumatized!

If you want a good laugh just ask my sister to reenact this scene for you. I'm positive she'll be more than willing. She's a jerk-face.

FYI I survived and made it back to my car. I'm still not OK. And, I'm thinking I'll be sticking to the treadmill for the next few months.


Robin said...

Freakin' ridiculous. We gotta love you for it. Thanks for making us smile:)

Uyen said...

We have a toad that lives in our backyard. You and Shayne share a hatred for these hoppy friends.

Rebecca said...

Lucky you're not my student. I have a student who was deathly afraid of spiders, and when I was given a tarantula as a birthday present, I put it on a table near this kid's desk (not on purpose). When he noticed it, he asked if he could move. I told him, no, he needed to get over this irrational fear and this would definitely help! He is no longer afraid of Charlotte!

margarita said...

Okay first of all, there was only 2 FROGS. Not eleven or twenty. 2 FREAKING FROGS....... and it was funny!!! ;)
But I'm okay, my arm is okay..after you removed your finger nail from it. love you!!

Suz said...

Oh man, that was a great story! I have that type of reaction to grasshoppers and june bugs. Grasshoppers look like aliens to me and I just think they're unnatural and creepy and june bugs always end up on me with their scratchy little legs. So, I completely understand the irrational, panic reaction to these things! Ewww..

Marcy said...

In response to Margarita (my sister):

2 FROGS?!?!? WHATEVER!!! There were atleast 4, no 5, actualy I'm still sticking with 11. They were EVERYWHERE!!! I'm thinking you weren't keeping count 'cause frogs don't phase you! Had they been snakes you would've pooped your pants mid trail and I'd be the one laughing! ;)