Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Post II

Did you know that I love the color Pink? I'm wearing the cutest pink shirt ever today! Someone even told me that I looked pretty, which is always a nice compliment.

I cheated. I told my sister that I wouldn't get a new pedicure until I dropped these last 10 lbs but today I broke down and got my toes "did". I couldn't stand having jacked up feet any longer.

My feet have shrunk! I went to check out some shoes today and it was so nice to be able try on a non wide width shoe. These were the cutest casual high heels! I love the way heels look in jeans but I had to be practical and remember that I'm clumsy. I'd most likely take a few steps and fall straight on my face. Now, that's super hot!

Started my new workout program yesterday. Longer stints on the treadmill with an incline but a slower pace. I didn't begin to sweat until I was 45 minutes into the routine!

I tried Pilate's a few nights ago. That was a blast. I'll have to get my sister to take a video of it for y'all. I'm sure it'll be one of the best laughs of your life! She'll actually stop what she's doing in the house and plop herself on the couch just for the sheer entertainment of watching me struggle. Shameless!!

Walking the Susan G. Komen on the 26th with some of my small group girls. This'll be my first offical 5K. If you're interested in joining our team let me know!


The Mays Family said...

Hi Marcy, we have not officially met but we have seen each other often at the church. I read the past few days of your blogs and wanted to comment. Jen Windle truly is amazing at what she does, I agree with you there. Losing weight is hard work especially when you have a sweet tooth, and like you I am trying to loose weight, but I LOVE chocolate, it just tastes so good. This week i hard a hard time, I have not worked out and have eaten lots of crap, but like you we will have bad days where we eat way too much CRAP and other days we will do great. Don't feel discouraged. Have a great weekend and maybe we will get to meet each other properly one day at church.
Caroline Mays

Sara said...

I thought you might be excited to hear...I'm starting Weight Watchers!!! Yeah, I was only a matter of time.