Friday, April 11, 2008

Stressed out...

Last week was HARD. My schedule has been out of control. I'm over committed, under read, under prayed, under rested, over worked, and sssssttttrrreeessssssseeeeedddd!

I finally broke down and called my massage therapist, Jen Windle. Thirty minutes under her hands feels like an eternity! I can almost swear that she has a gift for healing. On most areas of my body I'm crazy ticklish yet she's managed to be able to calm my nerve endings from erupting into a tickle frenzy. Which gave Jen room to work on muscles that normally go untouched. ***FYI please don't tickle me! I'll be forced to hurt you and it won't even be my fault! You've been warned!!! PS I love you! ;)***

I can't say enough wonderful things about Jen! Again, God orchestrated such a perfect union in friendship. She's amazing, sweet, honest and caring. She's also so knowledgeable! The first time she laid hands on me she said "Oh, you're such a mess! :) And, she was sooooo right!!! Apparently, I've had a lot of lactic acid built up in my muscles from all the hard training. I'm not exactly sure what lactic acid does to muscles but it sure felt painfully good to have most if released from my upper back.

After leaving her office on Friday I got back to my desk and logged into Spark People to track my food. Of all the articles to be on my Spark Page it was interesting that it would be about massage. Check this article out. It's about the benefits of massage. Informative and Interesting.

I'd wholeheartedly recommend Jen to anyone and everyone I love and know.
Here's her information:
Jen Windle

Weight Watchers went well on Saturday. I know I should've gained! I totally should've gained weight because my eating habits were a total mess last week. However, I've lost another 0.2 lbs.

Somethings gotta give this week.... I'm thinking about starting the Core program on Weight Watchers. Unlike the Flex Program (point tracking), Core allows you to not track points but rather eat until your satisfied, NOT FULL. BUT, here's the kicker - core foods are all natural and totally non processed! So, that means lots and lots of veggies and fruits! I'll let you know how that goes.

I leave you with a picture. Here's Sara & Myself at a bbq last thursday.

*** more pictures to follow

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Brad & Jen Windle said...

You are amazing! Praise God!