Thursday, March 13, 2008

Step Aerobics

After work two of my favorite people in the whole world (Margarita & Dane) decided to brave a step aerobics class with me. And, let me just start off by saying that I laughed soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stinkin’ hard!!!

I do have to admit that I had a small (very small) advantage. Two weeks ago I decided to brave this class alone and let me tell you it was a challenge. I thought the music was fun and the steps seemed manageable – after one figured out the routine and lingo of course. So, back to last night… we get into the gym begin to set up our equipment (step platforms, mats, and free weights), we find our spots (in the BACK!!) and I begin to stretch. Oh, and the line up goes as follows: from left to right – Margarita, Dane and myself. I didn’t want to seem bossy so I didn’t mention to the girls that they might want to consider stretching so I didn’t say anything, instead I get on the floor and stretch – they then proceed to razz me about my stretching poses!! I look over at my sister to see her on the floor with both of her little legs spread out in front of her in a V. And, in mock motion she was pretending to reach for her toes. I just laughed and kept on stretching because I knew I’d be hurting otherwise.

Class begins with marching in place. I look over at the girls and they’re doing it just fine. As the warm up progressed the instructor begins to lead each motion with a phrase like “left or right facing” which means step up with your left or right leg. Pretty simple, huh? She then adds something called an “L” which means you step up with your right foot and step off the LEFT corner with your left foot – repeating these motions off of each side. As to be expected both the lingo and steps begin to become more and more complicated as the music and the tempo begin to pick up pace. I don’t want to bore you with each step detail but just know that during part of the routine we had to step up and then step over the platform causing the entire class to then face the back row (that being the three of US)!! It was then that I just about when I lost it! The entire class was now flipped around and both Dane & Mita were like two deer caught in the headlights! And I just about fell out of my skin with laughter when I looked over at see them both paralyzed in embarrassment!!! They just stood there looking at each other with no clue what to do while the class proceeded to step up and round the corners of the platform only to end up facing the front of the class once again. I should’ve felt bad but I thought it was too funny!! I’m still laughing as I write this. To my sister’s credit she did march in place and watched the routine closely. Dane however kept giving me “ojo” (the evil eye).

Somewhere in the middle of a transition the instructor breaks the group up for a quick break. It was then that I walked back to the wall where I left my things and began to guzzle my beloved water. In the middle of mouth full of water Dane walks over to me and says “I don’t like you! I want to go home, right now!!” I don’t know what happened but instantly this laugh erupts from within me causing me to spit up my water all over the floor!!! Dane just steps back then says “uh uh!! No! I can’t believe she ….” That’s all I could hear as she walked toward my sister. I was so embarrassed but I couldn’t stop laughing. I cleaned up my mess and started to talk but just couldn’t get any words out past the laughter. I start to drink more water when I heard Dane say to Margarita “I’m about to push open those emergency exit doors and go home!” AGAIN! With a mouth full of water I spit up but this time it got all over her right leg! Needless to say she wasn’t happy. I swear I don’t know what was wrong with me but I couldn’t no matter what I did stop laughing!! Somehow I regain my composure and was able to finish up the class.

Dane swears she won’t be joining me for that class ever again! I’m hoping to convince her otherwise! Good times! Great laughs! I love you, girlies!!

Here’s an impressive step video:

Now this video is more familiar!!!!

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