Friday, March 21, 2008

Random Post

Here's a little bit of this and that of my last couple days. Enjoy! and please comment! I love comments!

I had dinner with my sister a few nights ago. While chit chatting about life she looks up and say “Hey, have you talked to David?” (David’s our other sister…errr I mean BROTHER!! LOL) I said “no, not today. Why?” She starts laughing and tells me to call him. I wanted to know what was so funny. I pick up my phone and call him. So, Margarita says “ask him to tell you the story that Grandma Kelly shared with him about the time that dad told her he wanted to marry mom”. So, I asked David to tell me the story. He chuckled and agreed (but only after I begged him to tell him). Jerk-face, Davin! The story goes a little something like this: When my dad went to my grandmother and told her that he wanted to marry my mom, she said to him “What? You want to marry, Maty? She hardly speaks English! And, Charlie, YOU DON’T SPEAK SPANISH! How are y’all going to communicate!!?” My dad, operating the infinite wisdom of an 18 year old says “Mom! We can use body language!!!” Well, I’m not sure how well there communication skills worked in the beginning but let me just tell you that they were married in April of 1977 and I was born October of 1977. Body Language! I still can’t believe he said that! Actually, yes I can. My dad is sick in the head sometimes. Dirty Bird!!!!!!

I did another step class (alone this time because Dane & my sister flaked!! I’ll forgive y’all one day…  ) and it was fun. I kept up with most of the class. The routine was new and fresh and I enjoyed the music. Oh, my sister knows the instructor – go figure. While setting up my equipment (alone!) I heard the instructor say “where’s your sister?” I proceed to look around the gym wondering who she’s talking to. I hear her laugh then say “yes, you. Where’s your sister today?” I just about died when the entire class turned around to look at me (remember I’m on the back row). So, I calmly say “I don’t know but I’m sure she’s at home….Being a total slacker!” The class laughed but the instructor only gave me a half smile. THANKS MARGARITA because of YOU I got called out!!!!

Still praying about workouts and still don’t know how God will have Sir Chadwick and I move. Do we continue working out together? If we do, then how many times a week or a month do we get together? If we don’t then how do I trust that God’s plan is better…if this is His plan. Is it? I don’t know. I don’t have any clarity right now. I don’t know the right answer. I do know however that I continue to struggle with depending on Sir Chadwick. Please, be faithful to pray during this time. Pray that every decision made will honor our God and bring glory to his will.

Wednesday night I had the opportunity to witness a God Spot. A God spot is one of those moments that make you stop in your tracks. It’s an undeniable movement of God that catches your attention in a profound way. So, Wednesday night I was stopped clear my tracks…. A friend who once said to me “I don’t know why you waste your time reading that Bible. It’s so full of crap! You know it was written by men, right?! “ who also said “you were so much more fun before you changed and became all religious” who also blamed the fact that were no longer in a relationship because I had “changed and become a bible thumper”… Well, that same friend came over Wednesday night to watch movies and chill with my sister and I, mid movie he falls asleep on the couch much like he always has, the movie ends – we assume he’ll stay the night so gather a comforter and sheets for him to use. After we think he’s settled she and I both head off to rooms for the end of the night routines. While brushing my teeth I thought I heard the front door open and shut but wasn’t sure. I finish up my bedtime stuff (it’s now about midnight) and head out of my bedroom to turn off lights and grab a drink of water. Just as I opened my bedroom door it was then that I was literally stopped in my tracks. I found him laying on the door under a lamp….reading the Bible. I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything at all. I just stared for a few seconds. He never turned around and I never said a word. When I finally got my feet to moving I just turned back around and went straight to my bed and laid there in silence. Thank you, God. Thank you for doing what at one time seemed impossible. I later found out from my sister that he woke up and went straight to his car and grabbed HIS Bible. My mom had given him a bible a few years ago, which he nicely placed on one of his shelves and never opened. She also told me he’s been reading it for sometime now. That was God. Only God could’ve changed his heart. Only God could’ve softened his heart to pull that bible off that shelf. Only God….

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Sara said... sister and I are going to start a kickboxing class in Plano until July...because that's when I'll be moving to I was thinking, if you would like some company at that time, I would really like to get back into a step class again. I did it all through high school and LOVED it...until the place shut down. But yeah, I would definitely be up for some classes if you wouldn't mind me tagging along...