Sunday, March 30, 2008

2:30 am

I took a nap late in the afternoon. At 12:30 am I made myself go to bed. Needless to say I couldn't sleep and later found myself reading up on some of my fellow blogger's sites. I was inspired to re-re-redo my page layout. As you've noticed I like to change it up a bit. I couldn't decide so this is what I've settled with for now. Hope you like it. It sorta makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a deck of cards, doesn't it?

A few things I've learned in the last week:
Prayer, is (and will always be) worth doing. Put forth the effort to lay down your mental chaos and push through the madness until you get in the "zone".

A good friendship is worth fighting for - even when it means putting yourself out there and maybe getting rejected.

Sleep is so necessary for my sanity.

I've swelled in pride and have been deflated in humility all at the same time.

Sometimes certain parts of your life are worth letting go, even when it hurts.

Hebrews 11:1 says "faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." (note to self: Marcy, don't be afraid to hope.)

One last insight to the things learned this week: Pride leads to miscommunication. Miscommunication leads to confusion. Confusion leads to insecurity. Insecurity leads to pride. When does the cycle end? Well, it ends when the Holy Spirit is finally able to bring conviction. Conviction, when accompanied by obedience will inevitably bring humility. And, we all know the wonders that humility can bring. Thank you, my friend (you know who you are), for walking with me despite my crappy attitude.

I'm finally getting sleepy. I think I'll finally listen to my body and hit the hay. Yeah, brilliant idea...I'm going to bed. Adios y Buenas Noches. <--- I bet y'all didn't know I had mad Spanish skills, huh? :) What can I say, I'm cool like that. Actually, I can't write Spanish worth a flip but I can speak the heck out of it! Thanks, Mom!

Here's a picture taken from this last summer during our AWOL Retreat. While most of us found a place to nap a few sneaky sneaks went around taking pictures!

It's 3am! Why am I still awake! Seriously!!

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Kendra said...

Marcy ~ Where do you get your backgrounds for the blog? They're always great. Blogger only has boring ones.