Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I know..I know... It's been a while...... Bad, Bad, Marcy!

Recent news.
  • I got a promotion at work. It's kept me busy, despite the fact that I'm not fully transitioned.
  • The July 4th swim went well. I'll post pictures. Open water swims still mess with my mind and I need more practice.
  • I've been more than a little distracted with guys lately. I think my life in that area is finally starting to calm down. While driving yesterday a sad fact hit my heart. I'm sick of quantity dating. I desire quality dating. <--- Major Duh! factor there...I know!
  • As of August 1st I started Body-For-Life-For-Women (those pre pictures will be posted along side my post pictures)
  • 12 week commitment - here I come!
  • Ummm, my nephew is still totally delicious!
  • I'm in severe need of a super chica dance night! Who's in?
  • Oh, and my baby patio was neglected this summer in a major way. So, once the weather starts to cool off a bit I'm tearing that sucker up and starting a my fall flowers!! Anyone feel like diggin' in some dirt with me?
  • On more recent news my cousin from CC is my new neighbor!! It's just so amazing how God worked that out! He lives right above us and will most likely be spending a lot of time at our place as this is his first apartment on his own. Poor guy asked if I'd show him how to cook spaghetti. haha!
  • Going to the eye doctor this week or next. I may say good bye to my glasses. :(
So, that seems to wrap things up for now.
Pictures to follow!

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Peggy said...

no! don't say goodbye to the glasses-they're so cute!