Monday, August 17, 2009

Stick a fork in me.....

.....I'm done!

This baby boy has officially stolen my heart! This is his first smile snap shot taken courtesy of camera phone!

I babysat Daevin for the first time (alone) the weekend before last and lemme just say that I'm a total punk! For the most part we had a pretty chill time, but toward the very end of the night he got a bit fussy. David, my brother, happen to call right as he was starting to cry.

David: What's up?
Me: Nothing much. Daevin just woke up from nap.
David: (laughing)
Me: I'm warming up a bottle for him right now.
David: we'll be home in 15 minutes. We'll feed him when we get home.
Me: OK. (meanwhile switching positions and trying to get him comfortable)

It's almost been about 15 mintues and Deavin is screaming. Actually, not only is he screaming but there are real life tears!!! Like little baby tears screaming down his face! I lost it! I couldnt' take it anymore. I would've done anything to make him happy. So, 14 minutes into the screaming I breakdown and give him his bottle. He instantly stops crying. I make my way to the couch and sit down just as David opens the door and stops..... I was in big trouble!!

David: What are you doing?!?!

It's official.....I'm whooped!!

So, my brother started a blog.... he'll probably kill me for posting this but his current post had me laughing so hard I cried!!!
Check it out here -

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Margarita Infante said... i loooovvvee this BOY!!!!