Thursday, August 27, 2009

Twix Fix

So, yesterday I went into our kitchen to grab my mid afternoon snack (cottage cheese and strawberries) when I noticed that some evil somebody refilled the refrigerated candy bowl! Instantly, a mental "FRICK!" goes off. There was this perfectly-perfect fun size twix just within my reach. Thankfully, I was armed and ready to bypass my beloved twix as I knew I needed to spare my points for that night's delicious dinner out!

Yay, for me!! I passed the test!

However, no hot dated planned for tonight so I got my Twix Fix! Oh, thank you sweet Jesus for birthing the Twix idea in Twix inventor's heart and for fun size candy! Had there been a king size twix in the frig I most likely would've eaten that too!

According to WikiAnswers - Mars invented the Twix. Whatever! I'm sure they bought rights for the bar from some poor farmer's wife for like a $5.00.

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