Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Friday!

It seems that random posts are much easier for me to create that those weighty ones I've been avoiding.....

  • I'm currently listening to Billie Jean by MJ.
  • Billie Jean reminds me of my first slumber party at Jessica Menchaca's house. Imagine a chubby little kinder kid moon walking under the strobe light her dad set up in the living room. If i'm not mistaken I was the only kid out there! Dancing in socks on a slick floor is funnesssss!!!
  • I'm thinking that the next time I housesitt at the massively huge house I'm gonna host a slumber-strobe light-sock dancing party!!
  • I've also been meaning to confess something..... I, Marcy, listen to Indian music while I drive! I can't help myself!!! I love the sound of it and sometimes I'll even try to sing along but I most likely like the beat. I know. I know! I'm a dork! But, know this...Margarita can totally do the Indian car singing justice! LOL!!! She does it so perfectly that I'll be in stitches and can hardly drive because I'm laughing so hard.
  • The smell of Sheer Fresia reminds me of my lovie, Sara A.
  • I'm eating 6 times a day. Preparing 6 small meals a day is no joke!! I need recipes for veggies. Bring them on!
  • I went for a mini ride with Pegs this week. We later shared a glass of room temp tea. :) good times. Roddey went along but the poor guy was so hot he couldn't keep up.
  • Currently listening to Big Legged Woman by Coffey. Look it up. It's pretty interesting.
  • As promised here are some photos of my Play Tri event on July 4th.

  • I love when I get those unexpected neck bone pops. You know that thing that happens when you roll you neck to relieve tension and all of a sudden this delicious roll of realigning vertebrae just snap back into place. mmmmmmmm!!
  • I also had a Fuzzy's taco date with Uynie Poo Poo this week. Good times, great conversation and an AWESOME salad!!! I actually want one right now!
  • Tonight! Tonight I babysit Daevin for the first time! I'm so excited!!!!
Peace and Mahalo!

bonus time!
The girls thought it would be funny to photograph this..... it happens at a swim event!!
AND, a few (Margarita, Ren & Angie....) decided they needed this....

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