Sunday, February 3, 2008

Update on Dr. Visit

Hey Y'all,

First of all let me apologize for not posting this information on Friday. This weekend just got away from me.

So, I went to the doctor on Friday for my 6 month evaluation. Here are the results:

August 1st 2007
Weight: 374 lbs
Blood Pressure: 138/80

February 1st 2008
Weight: 300 lbs
Blood Pressure: 130/70

Before y'all start freaking out about the weight loss results just know that I'm pretty dang sure the scale in the office was off. It would've been a sweet surprise to find that I'd lost 18lbs over a the duration of last week, but that didn't happen. I did, however, lose another .8lbs! Oh, and I don't have any of the lab work back yet. I'll let you know how that goes.

Pre & Post 6 month pictures are coming soon!

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